CEDAR FUND----施達基金會 http://cedarfund.hk 施達基金會是一個建基香港、不分宗派的基督教救援及發展機構,於1991年在香港成立。 zh-tw CCNet Autoweb2003 All Rights Reserved CEDAR Club Activity: August Sharing Session here for details. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2767 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2767 2012-7-20 24:13 00:00:00 +0800 Exposure Trip to Ethiopia here for details. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2747 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2747 2012-7-5 4:32 00:00:00 +0800 CEDAR's proposal on the statutory minimum wage rate CEDAR has submitted a proposal to the Minimum Wage Commission on the statutory minimum wage rate. Three suggestions are summarised as follows:

  1. The minimum wage should be set as $35 to ensure the basic life of the labourers and their families;
  2. The minimum wage rate should be annually evaluated to catch up the updated livelihood situation and reveal the real purchasing power;
  3. Rent cost is the largest challenge to the Small and Medium Enterprises. The government should establish effective measures on curbing the rise in rents and food prices.

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Japan Earthquake Relief Report (8 Mar 2012) On 11 March 2011, the devastating 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit north-east Honshu, Japan resulting in heavy casualties and great economic loss. Thank you for your prayer and financial support for CEDAR’s partner ADRA in helping residents in the disaster stricken areas in Miyagi Prefecture during the last year. Please click here for the latest detailed Japan Earthquake Relief Report.

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Become member of CEDAR Club CEDAR Club serves as a platform to facilitate learning, mobilising and carrying out ministries to the poor among Christians. In order to strengthen the participation and involvement of members as well as to further provide more room for reflection and practice, CEDAR Club will stage a series of reform, including renewing membership system and beefing up activities. Please click here for detail. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2451 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2451 2011-6-23 24:13 00:00:00 +0800 Take Action: Better use of e-communication here for details.
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Project Highlight (Jul2011)  

Myanmar Agricultural Training and Farming programme

In April 2011 thirty eight adults coming from 5 states and other high school youth attended a 2 week agricultural training organised by CEDAR’s partner MFDC in Yangon. CEDAR Agricultural Consultant D. Armstrong has been a volunteer of this programme in past 4 years. This year training lessons were on making of compost, preparation of banana planting materials, planting in rotation and fallow principles, techniques on sowing small seeds in a plot and planting seeds of different sizes and a session on rice & demonstration of fertilizer & lime for rice.

After this 2 week training, our consultant and one expert on rice cultivation visited Pathein Township to make a field visit to 3 course trainees who came from the Irrawaddy Delta region which was previously hit by a super cyclone in May 2008. One of the course trainees W is looking after a group of people who are mostly Christian and have been told to move out by their non-Christian families. W supports the villagers in spiritual and practical ways through the establishment of a community and guide the villagers how to get better yields from the land. W already seen an improvement on his paddy land after following the teaching from last year course, that is to add lime in the soil. This year he got 30 baskets of rice from each acre of paddy land, an increased from last year 25 baskets/acre. W is very hopeful by using improved rice seed, in three years time he will harvest 60 baskets/acre of land. This year two youths from his area also joined the training. One youth Zaw has attained Grade 9 education level but he is a very good farm worker, keen to learn new techniques and willing to share with other villagers. Zaw is learning to make heaps of compost as organic fertilizer. He is also helping to propagate fruit trees and trying new ways to manage insects and pests by applying non-chemical natural insecticides. Zaw will like to start a small nursery, something he learnt at the training, after this year planting of the paddy field season.  This way he can save some costs and at the same time can share his tree saplings to people in his community. CEDAR is delighted to witness how course participants benefit from the Agricultural training programme and ways that they are sharing their knowledge and fruits to people in their community.

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Poverty Puts an End to Education for Nepal's Indigenous Children





"Because the poor are plundered and the needy groan, I will now arise," says the Lord. "I will protect them from those who malign them." (Psalm 12: 5)

Due to extreme poverty and remoteness of their habitat, many children of the Chepang, one of the most disadvantaged and marginalised indigenous groups in Nepal, cannot go to school. Statistics show that the literacy rate is barely 23 percent among close to 90,000 Chepangs in 54 Village Development Committees against a national average of 40 percent. Food insecurity is a chronic problem. Most Chepangs are subsistence farmers and depend on the region’s two annual harvests, each lasting three months. Over 80 percent are living under the poverty line, which means they survive on less than US$1 per day. There is a lack of education infrastructure by the government and most villages have only a primary school and Chepang children have to walk three to four hours each day to reach their secondary schools. [IRIN]

Pray for Chepang in Nepal

  1. Remember the situation of Chepang children and families;
  2. Pray for the Government’s effort to meet the needs of the Chepang children.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2770 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2770 2009-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Olympics Merchandise Produced in Sweatshop Conditions Olympics merchandise for London 2012 is being produced in sweatshop conditions, according to a new report by Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM), a Hong Kong worker’s rights group. Workers at one of the factories in China which produces plastic figures of Olympics mascots Wenlock and Mandeville were exposed to hazardous conditions without adequate protective equipment in the paint spraying department. Insufficient masks were provided (only once or twice a month), causing workers to buy their own. Some of the 50 workers who were interviewed complained about their hands  always being tainted with paint, their saliva changing colour and irritating fumes making many others sick. The report also states that staff worked 11- to 12-hour shifts in six-day weeks during the busiest period of production for the Olympics between last December and April this year, clocking up 120 hours a month in overtime, a blatant violation of Chinese labour laws which cap overtime at 36 hours a month. [Guardian]

Pray for Labourers in Sweatshops

  1. Pray for public awareness in the violation of labour rights in different countries;
  2. Pray for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that they will establish a policy and action plan for future Olympic Games and adopt a code of conduct for the suppliers to protect the rights of labourers.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2769 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2769 2009-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Concern for Rising Tide of Small Arms in Kenya





Bring to an end the violence of the wicked and make the righteous secure — you, the righteous God who probes minds and hearts. (Psalm 7:9)

A spate of 'terror' attacks, aid worker kidnappings and heightened ethnic conflict in northern Kenya have fuelled demand for small arms by civilians and criminals. Local residents are living in fear as a result of gun crimes by gangs. The attacks also affected humanitarian activities in the refugee camps. Some politicians purchased large volume of guns, supplied them to their communities to fight their rivals. The Kenyan police are themselves often to blame for violence. People are buying weapons for self-defence because they do not trust the police to protect them. [IRIN]

Pray for Kenya

  1. Kenyan authorities claimed that new strategies have been adopted to stamp out the illicit trade in weapons. The strategies include recruiting more police reservists and setting up a special unit to monitor suspected guns dealers. Pray that these strategies can stamp out the rising tide of gun violence effectively;
  2. Pray for the safety of the affected refugees, aid workers and residents;
  3. Pray that the conflicts between different politicians and ethnic groups can be relieved and long-lasting peace will come.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2750 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2750 2009-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 More Needs to Be Done for Achieving MDGs According to UN latest progress report on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), certain aspects of under the three goals of poverty, slums and water will be met by 2015 deadline. However, persistent gaps remain, notably in the critical area of maternal health. Also more needs to be done to better understand all dimensions of poverty. Take poverty line as an example, the proportion of people living on less than 1.25 US dollars a day fell from 47 percent in 1990 to 24 percent in 2008. However, income poverty alone does not provide a full picture of deprivations suffered by those who do not have all their basic needs met. [IPS]

Pray for Nations

  1. Give praise on the good progress in the three MDG areas;
  2. Pray that UN will improve data usability and will develop more accurate methodology to track and address global poverty;
  3. Pray for a continued political commitment, renewed partnership and adequate funding among nations to achieve MDGs.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2749 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2749 2009-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Refugee Plight is Intensified





Do not go over your vineyard a second time or pick up the grapes that have fallen. Leave them for the poor and the foreigner. I am the LORD your God. (Leviticus 19:10)

World Refugee Day observes 20 June annually. UNHCR reported that a record 800,000 people were forced to flee across borders last year, more than at any time since 2000. Owing to a string of major humanitarian crises that began in late 2010 in Côte d'Ivoire, and followed by others in Libya, Somalia, Sudan and elsewhere, some 42.5 million people as refugees ended 2011. One of the worrying trends is that a person who becomes a refugee is likely to remain as one for many years – often stuck in a camp or living precariously in an urban location. It is tiring for them to wait several years for a solution. There is a deep imbalance in international support for the world's forcibly displaced, with four-fifths of the world's refugees being hosted by developing countries – and at a time of rising anti-refugee sentiment in many industrialized ones. [UNHCR1, UNHCR2]

Pray for the refugees all over the world:

  • Remember the needs of refugees, Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) and asylum seekers. Pray that they will soon be provided a permanent shelter;
  • Pray that the developed countries will be willing to provide more opportunities to refugees; and that international community will be more united to support refugees and their hosting countries.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2744 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2744 2009-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Hong Kong Gets the Widest Wealth Gap The wealth gap in Hong Kong is already one of the world’s widest and it is worsening as the rich get richer and the poor struggle to make ends meet. Income distribution measured by the Gini Co-efficient, where inequality is indexed on a scale of zero to one, climbed from 0.525 to 0.537 over the decade to the end of 2011, according to the latest figures from the statistics bureau. Hong Kong’s result is around the same as Thailand and ranks among the highest in Asia, worse than mainland China, Singapore and Vietnam. The current government was criticised for paying lip service to the needs of the poor. The introduction of a statutory minimum wage last year helped to mitigate the ‘rising trend in income disparity in Hong Kong’, but the Gini co-efficient still reaches a new high. [AFP]

Pray for Hong Kong:

  • Pray for the poor in Hong Kong. May justice and equality be upheld in this land;
  • Pray that the new government will keep a close eye on the wealth gap and initiate long-term policies and measures to alleviate poverty problem; 
  • Pray that local churches will rise and take the lead in the community to respond to the poverty problem.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2743 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2743 2009-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Good Progress in Lesotho Moteng Farming Project In 2009 our partner Joy to the World launched a food security and farming project with the aim to assist Moteng farmers with effective land and resource utilisation for growing sufficient food for consumption and to address the problems of hunger and malnutrition. Last year the project provided tools and seeds to over 20 families in Moteng and organised 4 farming skills training workshops. Praise God that some of them have a very good harvest.
Pray for the Project

  1. Spring will come soon and the farmers are encouraged to prepare the field well and to start buying seeds. Pray for their preparation;
  2. There was not enough rain last year which affected the harvest. Pray for more rain the next year.
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New Programmes Implemented in Integrated Community Outreach in India The community outreach work of Discipleship Centre (DC) at the slum of Warzirpur JJ Colony is approaching the fourth year. There are around 7,000 families living in this slum where they have no secure land tenure. Many of them are migrants from the rural areas of nearby states in search for employment. The project aims at the holistic development of the target community on a sustainable basis. Project components include education, vocational training, health program, local capacity building and spiritual support. From August, DC will add a few elements into the programme— an evening class for children working in factories, a crèche system (like Big Brother Big Sister) caring for the younger peers, awareness raising and counselling for parents to ease the problems of alcoholism, child labour and abuse and hygiene, etc., as well as launching a Vacation Bible School for 120 kids in this summer.

Pray for The Project

  1. Pray for the good implementation of the new start program;
  2. Pray for the target of the programme, pray that the program could properly respond to their needs.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2771 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2771 2009-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Remember Flood Relief in Bangladesh So far 122 people are reported to be killed in the different part of Chittagong district in Bangladesh due to landslides and floods caused by torrential rain. Still road transportation and communication in many parts of the division are yet to restore. In north part, an outbreak of diarrhea and water borne diseases are likely to affect the marooned people. Present local government is running a few medical camps but they are far from adequate. CEDAR's partner KOINONIA has already launched an emergency relief operation there.

  1. KOINONIA has already distributed food supplies to 600 indigenous families and very soon they are going to support another 600 families. Pray for the smoothness of this process;
  2. Pray for the liaison work of Partner with the Disaster Management Bureau of Bangladesh. Pray for speedy responses to the needs;
  3. Pray as KOINONIA keeps good relationship and contact with local churches and Christian NGOs and able to observe the situation closely.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2752 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2752 2009-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Good Progress in Orphans and Widows Rights' Project in Zimbabwe The prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe is high and affecting many families. Many widows and orphans are left with insufficient resources for basic living. Some lose their rights to access to assistance or inheritance because they cannot present the marriage certificate, birth certificate, and the death certificates of their deceased family members. Partner Trinity Project Trust has helped some vulnerable children to acquire legal documents required for school registration. The Government departments have seen the positive impact of partner's work and wish to build a partnerhip with Trinity Trust. This year Partner will recruit more volunteers to help leading training sessions for children and communities empowerment.

Pray for Trinity Project Trust

  1. Pray for more funding to help vulnerable children obtain legal documents to gurarantee their rights;
  2. Pray that Partner will keep good relationship with the government and explore more partnership opportunities this year;
  3. Pray for the volunteers' learning and service.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2751 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2751 2009-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Ministry in Hubei CEDAR has started an organic demonstration farm in the outskirt of Wuhan for more than a year. Vegetables and fruits like lettuces, beetroots and tomatoes are produced and the results are positive. Project staff and farm workers are convinced that organic food is good for health and the environment. Although growing in an organic way involves   hard work and more procedures, workers are committed into this pilot project. Also, CEDAR has a water and animal husbandry project in Yunxi county. The project site is very remote. Staff team needs to get to the villages by changing transports; pray for travel safety. As they station in the villages, they are able to build good rapport with the government officials and villagers.

Pray for Hubei ministry:

  • Pray that we can establish suitable and reliable sales network to market and distribute our organic agricultural products;
  • Pray that the project staff and farm workers will hold tight the principles and techniques of organic farming, also will promote the concepts to their neighbours;
  • Give thanks for the staff team of Yunxi project who serve faithfully and give good testimonies to local communities and government officials. Pray for their path, full of God's blessing and peace. 
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Community Health Project in Nepal CEDAR’s partner Shanti Nepal had great success in running the community health project in Dhading. Local government invited them to be in charge of all the community health projects in Dhading district. It is very encouraging for partner, however, they do not have enough manpower to take up this challenge. Instead, in partnership with local government and NGOs, Shanti Nepal becomes a member of a Coordinating Committee to help develop the Community Health Education (CHE) projects in whole Dhading district.  Praise the Lord that partner’s CHE project in Gajuri has empowered Dalit village and built up the culture of mutual help and facilitated the reconciliation among different castes.

Pray for Partner:

  • Pray that Shanti Nepal can keep up their good work and further improved the hygiene and health condition in project site ; 
  • Pray for local staff. Some of them are Hindu but they have good impression on Christianity. May God have mercy on them and make them His children in the near future.
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Alarming Rise in Amount of Urban Solid Waste





Moreover, when God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil—this is a gift of God. (Ecclesiastes 5:19)

A report from World Bank estimates that the amount of municipal solid waste (MSW) will rise from the current 1.3 billion tonnes per year to 2.2 billion tonnes per year by 2025. Much of the increase will come from rapidly growing cities in developing countries. The annual, global cost of this necessary solid waste management is projected to rise from the current $205 billion to $375 billion, with the cost increasing most severely for those cities in low income countries. The amount of municipal solid waste is growing the fastest in China, other parts of East Asia, and part of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Growth rates for MSW in these areas are similar to their growth rates for urbanization and GDP. In order to reduce waste generation and increase recycling and composting, solid waste management policies are needed, and a number of approaches like public education, pricing mechanisms, user charges and preferential procurement policies are recommended. [World Bank]

Pray for Nations:

  • Pray that governments will formulate effective solid waste management policies to cope with rapid rise in urban solid waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Pray that we all will do our best to protect environment and save resources by reducing waste generation.

]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2739 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2739 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Agriculture Breaks Liberia’s Youth Unemployment Challenge In Liberia, 30% of the land is arable and close to 90% of crop areas receive adequate rain, and agricultural production has increased in recent years as the agricultural sector slowly recovers from decades of mismanagement and war, but yields are still well below the regional average and 60 percent of the population is still classified as food insecure. A number of community-based programmes and government initiatives are now working to address food security and meaningful employment for the youth. Officials say they are hopeful that this is the start of a major shift in how young Liberians participate in the agricultural sector. However, the impediments slowing youths’ entry into agriculture include their lack of interest in farming and labour-intensive nature of the work. To address these problems, youth and agriculture would be the focus of the vocational training to meet the real needs of Liberia, while tillers were distributed to small groups of farmers in a few counties. [IPS]

Pray for Liberia:

  • Pray for Liberia’s youth employment and pray that young people is able to find jobs under the help of government initiatives and various agricultural trainings;
  • Pray that people can benefit from development of agriculture and livestock farming and secure their food supply;
  • Pray also that ex-combatants and victims of the war can be reintegrated into society and start their new lives.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2738 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2738 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Nepal Parties Fail to Finalise Constitution





You, LORD, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed, so that mere earthly mortals will never again strike terror. (Psalm 10:17-18)

In 2006, Nepal was freed from a decade of civil war. The monarchy which lasted 240 years was ended officially after the election of the new Constituent Assembly (CA) in 2008. Nepal became a republic. The CA was in two-year term in the beginning to set up a new constitution for establishing a new democratic republic nation and to unite over one hundreds of ethnic groups in Nepal. Unfortunately, even though the term of CA has extended to four-year to allow more time for discussion, Nepal parties still failed to finalise the constitution before the deadline (28 May 2012). Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai declared to hold an election of CA on 22 November to break the deadlock. These may create a power vacuum in coming six months and may cause months of street conflicts and violence.  [REUTERS (1), REUTERS (2)]

Pray for Nepal:

  • Pray that the precarious political situations in Nepal will be stabilised and different parties will express their positions and get consensus on setting up the new constitution in a peaceful way;
  • Pray that the new constitution will soon be finalised to stabilise and recover the development of political, economic and civil affairs of Nepal.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2726 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2726 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 RIO+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development UN emphasises that around the world, sustainable peace must be built on sustainable development. Thousands of participants from governments, the private sector, NGOs and other stakeholders will gather in Rio, Brazil in June for a strong push towards sustainable development. The official discussions will focus on building a green economy to achieve sustainable development and lift people out of poverty, and improving international coordination for sustainable development. Governments are expected to adopt clear and focused practical measures for implementing sustainable development. However, some pressure groups warn to be careful about old tricks hidden by 'green economy'. They point out that the need for a radical change in lifestyle is crucial besides setting up institutional framework and compulsory sectorial save-energy targets for the economy. They ask for building a decentralised, democratic, horizontal model where all ecosystems are respected and in which diversity is a value. [UNCSD2012, IPS]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray for comprehensive and fruitful discussion with positive outcome of the conference.
  • Pray that participants will recognise the need of building up a new model of economy and lifestyle and commit to achieve sustainable development. 
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2725 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2725 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development






Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other. (Psalm 85: 10)

21 May is the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. It aims at deepening our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and learning to live together better. Three-quarters of the world’s major conflicts have a cultural dimension. Bridging the gap between cultures is urgent and necessary for peace, stability and development. Cultural diversity is a driving force of development, not only with respect to economic growth, but also as a means of leading a more fulfilling intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life. Cultural diversity is thus an asset that is indispensable for poverty reduction and the achievement of sustainable development. The United Nations Alliance of Civilisations (UNAOC) is launching the world campaign 'Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion', encouraging people and organisations around the world to take concrete action to support diversity. [UNAOC]

Pray for Nations:

  • Pray for positive outcome of the campaign; 
  • Pray that participants will commit to support diversity in action in everyday life,, and improve understanding and cooperation among people from different cultures.


]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2722 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2722 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Child Mortality Rate Still Needs Further Improvement According to a recent research, global mortality among children younger than five years declined by 26 per cent between 2000 and 2010 - meaning that the lives of some two million children were saved - but this is still not enough for many countries to meet the Millennium Development Goal of reducing deaths in this age group by two-thirds by 2015. Annual deaths from diarrhoea - a leading killer among young children - fell to less than 800,000 during the past two decades, but the drop occurred mostly in large countries like China, Brazil, and India,, and overall the incidence of diarrhoeal disorders has hardly changed. In Africa, 73 per cent of all child deaths (2.6 million children) were attributed mostly to malaria and HIV/AIDS, while in Southeast Asia nearly one million babies died within their first 28 days of life because of too-early birth, problems during delivery, or infection. [IRIN]

Pray for Nations:

  • Pray for effective actions by government of different countries to tackle the problem;
  • Pray that the child mortality rate can drop and the MDG target being met.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2721 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2721 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Fiscal Austerity Ruins Global Labour Market









To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice. (Proverbs 21:3)

The World of Work Report 2012 by International Labour Organisation (ILO) revealed that labour markets had not fully recovered from the global crisis that erupted in 2008: there is still a deficit of around 50 million jobs in comparison to the pre-crisis situation. Fiscal austerity and tough labor reforms have failed to create jobs, leading to an ‘alarming’ situation in the global employment market that shows no sign of recovering. An estimated 196 million people were unemployed worldwide at the end of last year, forecast to rise to 202 million in 2012 for a rate of 6.1 percent, according to the report. An average of 40 percent of job seekers in their prime (aged 25-49) in advanced countries has been without work for more than a year. ILO predicts that in coming year there to be a global increase of 5 million newly unemployed. Employment is not expected to return to pre-crisis levels of 2008 until the end of 2016 -- two years later than it previously predicted -- in line with a slowdown in production. The long-term job seekers and youth will be hit the worst. [ILO] [Reuters]

Pray for the labour issue:

  • Pray that all governments and enterprises can tackle the issue of increasing unemployment, actively propose and implement appropriate measures, and respect the labourers’ dignity; 
  • Pray that long-term jobseekers and youth can have the job opportunities.


]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2708 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2708 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Concern on Border Conflicts between Sudan and South Sudan South Sudan became independent from Sudan in July 2011, six years after the signing of the peace agreement that ended decades of warfare between the north and the south. However, the peace between the two countries has been threatened recently by clashes along their common border and outstanding post-independence issues that have yet to be resolved. Tensions have increased in recent weeks after South Sudanese forces moved into the oil-producing region of Heglig in Sudan’s South Kordofan state before eventually departing, and Sudanese forces engaged in the bombardment of South Sudanese territory. UN Security Council called on Sudan and South Sudan to immediately end hostilities and resume negotiations within two weeks to resolve all outstanding issues, and threaten with sanctions if the parties do not comply. [UN news]

Pray for Sudan and South Sudan :

  • Pray for an end to the armed conflicts between Sudan and South Sudan. Pray for long- lasting peace;
  • Pray for both countries can resume negotiations and come up with consensus on borderline and post independence issues;
  • Remember the needs of the affected civilians.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2707 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2707 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 U.S. Still Importing Illegal Timber








'Do not defraud or rob your neighbour. Do not hold back the wages of a hired worker overnight.' (Leviticus 19:13)

A monitoring agency EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency) revealed that over 20 U.S. companies have imported illegally logged timber from the Peruvian Amazon since 2008. Illegal logging in Peru is facilitated by a widely corrupt system. It comes with massive human, environmental and economic costs. According to EIA record, there were men and women who experienced forced labour and sexual abuse in logging camps, and teenagers with horrific injuries sent away without wages to find their own way to a clinic. Illegal logging is also ransacking the rainforest, harming endangered wildlife, and contributing to climate change. [IPS]

Pray for Illegal Logging:

  • Pray that U.S companies will stop importing illegally logged timber, and the Peruvian government and the monitoring system can crack down on illegal logging efficiently.
  • Pray that the public will develop a deeper concern on the exploitation of local workers and the environment by the logging industry


]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2703 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2703 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Bangladesh Slum Dwellers Evicted by Government Bangladesh government dislodged squatters in Dhaka's biggest slum in response to a court order to clear illegal structures. Slum dwellers were evicted in the process. Days after, many families are still living out in the open without adequate food, water or sanitation facilities. Right activists complained that  the government is in violation of a court order which required the administration to make arrangements for rehabilitation before dislodging the squatters. World Bank estimated nearly half of Dhaka's population of more than 12 million live in slums. Eviction of squatters from public land has been a continuing practice of the government. [Guardian]

Pray for Bangladesh :

  • Pray that the authority will provide the dwellers with alternative settlement before dislodging the squatters. Pray that people's right of dwelling will be respected and their property protected.
  • Pray that local NGOs or other government departments will provide sufficient supports to people who lost their homes.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2702 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2702 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 World Health Day 2012: Ageing and Health








And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. (Hebrews 13:16)

As seniors are the fastest growing age group worldwide, their health and well-being are receiving more attention. This year's World Health Day, celebrated on 7 April, will focus on ageing and health. Although technologies can help improve the physical health, independence and safety of the seniors, many of these technologies may not be applicable in developing countries. Therefore, development in technology should be grounded in the needs and preference of the elderly, helping improve the delivery of health services to them, and maintain independent living through simple operation. Experts said medical devices should be in the same category as drugs, vaccines and diagnostics with regard to access for poor populations. Besides, taking a cross-sectoral approach when designing age-friendly living spaces in town planning, transport, housing and education is actually good for people of all ages.  [WHO]

Pray for the nations:

  • Pray that governments and societies worldwide will raise their awareness of aging and health;
  • Pray for the safeguard of the living and health of the elderly;
  • Pray also that those health and medical measures and devices suit the seniors' preference and needs.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2700 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2700 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 The Poor in City Fringes are marginalised Populations residing in peri-urban areas are most vulnerable to climate change because they can neither get access to modern infrastructure, clean water and sanitation available in urban areas, nor the ecosystems that rural folks can fall back on. Climate change exacerbates land and resettlement issues in Asia. In India, inhabitants on the city fringes are unable to get access to low-cost safe shelters, clean water and sanitation for which many city slum dwellers are eligible because they are included neither under rural nor within urban local governance systems. As cities grow, peripheral lands are becoming increasingly attractive to commercial developers, pushing low-income informal settlements to the cities’ new outer periphery. The process of engaging diverse partners, of building a shared understanding of climate risks and urban vulnerability, of developing joint and separate interventions, and building a shared platform for ongoing learning is more valuable to the climate resilience building effort than any other strategy itself. [IPS]

Pray for the nations:

  • Pray for the isolated situations of people in city fringes;
  • Pray also that community infrastructure, medical services, sanitation and local governance systems may provide adequate services to cover the needs of different groups in societies.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2697 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2697 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 World Water Day 2012 - Water Security for Food Security








I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. (Psalm 27:13)

There are over 7 billion people on the planet today and another 2 billion are expected by 2050. This, combined with anticipated shifts in diets, means that 70% more food will be needed, up to 100% in developing countries. With rapid urbanisation and increasing incomes, diets are shifting to meat consumption and the additional crop production will be used to feed livestock. Water scarcity already affects almost all continents—more than 40% of the people on our planet (and by 2025 two-thirds of the world’s population) could be living under water stressed conditions. The primary reason for this is over consumption of water for food production. Coping with population growth and ensuring access to nutritious food to everyone, we can help by following a healthier and sustainable diet, consuming less water-intensive products, reducing the scandalous food wastage, and producing more food of better quality with less water. [UNWater]

Pray for the world we live:

  • Pray for more resources and assistance to help farmers develop sustainable and conservative farming in order to protect water resources and achieve more effective use of water;
  • Pray that more people will be aware of the importance of saving water through reducing food wastage and will put it into practice;
  • Pray that humanity will respect nature and use water as well as other natural resources with a grateful heart and humility.


]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2686 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2686 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 New HKSAR Government Should Face up to Wealth Disparity The fourth Chief Executive of Hong Kong will be voted into office through a small circle election of only 1,200 voters, without credibility or accountability to the people of Hong Kong. CEDAR contends that a government must be responsible to the public for securing civil right and upholding justice in the society. The hardships of marginal groups like the working poor, mainland-HK families, the unemployed, the poor elderly and South-Asian migrants are the results of structural evil, such as injustice in economic structure, market hegemony, insufficient social security and social discrimination, etc. The new Chief Executive and the HKSAR government should face up to the reality of wealth disparity. We hope that the government will reform and develop social economic diversification, reinforce the role of government as provider of public services, deal with the housing problem, as well as introduce or perfect the social security system with Comprehensive Social Security Assistance, job security and universal retirement protection.

Pray for Hong Kong:

  • Pray that we will have a government which is representative of and responsible to the public very soon;
  • Pray that the new Chief Executive will have closer contact with the public and a deeper understanding on Hong Kong people's living conditions; carry out the short-term and long-term policies to improve the conditions of impoverished communities; provide affordable, accessible and stable social services to all the citizens; and improve the social security system.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2685 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2685 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Syria Unrest Fuels Food Insecurity





A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. (Proverbs 31:10)

Experts worry that Syrians will have increasing problems accessing food in the coming months due to inflation, disruption of supply lines from constant conflict,subsidies strained by dwindling finances and import challenges. Nearly one year of unrest in Syria has made it difficult for aid workers to assess the exact food needs in the country, but the little information that does exist suggests that the accessibility and affordability of food are already shrinking, while the availability of food could also become a problem later this year. A report from World Food Programme (WFP) in February said 1.4 million people have become food insecure since March 2011 when a popular uprising against President Bashar al-Assad spurred a violent crackdown by government forces, killing at least 5,400 people, according to the UN Refugee Agency. Food insecurity is focused in “hotspots” like Homs, Hama, rural Damascus, Dera’a and Idlib, WFP said. [IRIN]

Pray for Syria:

  • Remember that many parties are trying to negotiate with the Syrian government, calling for an end to the force suppression and launching of peace talks;
  • Pray for open doors to aid organisations so that they can enter to conduct need assessment and run humanitarian relief operation;
  • Pray for His protection for the safety and health of the Syrians.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2679 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2679 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 International Women’s Day 2012 Recognising the critical role and contribution of rural women, the theme of International Women’s Day (8 March) this year is 'Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty'. Being key contributors to global economies, rural women play a critical role in both developed and developing nations — they enhance agricultural and rural development, improve food security and can help reduce poverty levels in their communities. In some regions, women represent 70 percent of the agricultural workforce, comprising 43 percent of agricultural workers worldwide. Estimates reveal that if women had the same access to productive resources as men, they could increase yields on their farms by 20–30 percent, lifting 100-150 million out of hunger. 60 percent of chronically hungry people are women and girls. Healthcare, education, gender inequality and limited access to credit, however, have posed a number of challenges for rural women. Further, the global food and economic crisis and climate change have aggravated the situation. [Women’s day]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray that rural women’s contribution and social status will be recognised by all parties. Pray that women will be entitled equal opportunities to develop their potentials. Pray also that the root problems of inequalities between women and men will be identified and addressed;
  • Pray for the rise of women, that they not only bravely face various crisis and problems but that they may also bring the power of transformation. 
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2678 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2678 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Civilisation in Jeopardy





He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes, with the princes of his people. (Psalm 113: 7-8)

Celebrated scientists and development thinkers warn that civilisation is faced with a perfect storm of ecological and social problems driven by overpopulation, overconsumption and environmentally malign technologies. Abuse of the environment has created an 'absolutely unprecedented' emergency. Apart from dire warnings about biodiversity loss and climate change, they challenge governments to think differently about economic ‘progress’. The rapidly deteriorating biophysical situation is barely recognised by a global society infected by the irrational belief that physical economies can grow forever, disregarding the fact that the rich in developed and developing countries get richer and the poor are left behind. They urge politicians to listen and learn from how poor communities all over the world see the problems of energy, water, food and livelihoods as interdependent and integrated parts of a living ecosystem. [Guardian]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray for urgent response of world leaders towards the environmental crisis.
  • Pray for the redesigning of the economic system and behavioural change of people that lead to transition to a more sustainable future.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2667 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2667 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Asia Facing the Challenge of Aging Population One in four people in Asia will be 60 or older by the year 2050, rising from one in 10 in 2010. One of the sharpest increases in the region will be in Bangladesh, where the elderly will almost quadruple from 6.6 percent of the population in 2010 to 22.5 percent in 2050. The aging population makes great impact towards social security and health. In many developed countries pensions and social security schemes are tied to employment, which cannot be easily replicated in Asia where most people work in the informal sector. On the other hand, the number of dementia patients in the Asia-Pacific region will rise from 14 million in 2005 to 24 million in 2020 and become as high as 65 million by 2050. [IRIN]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray for sufficient preparedness of government of Asian countries to aging population and establish better system facing the coming challenge.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2666 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2666 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Carbon Fast 2012





Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:3-4)

Climate change renders many vulnerable communities in developing countries poor and more marginalised. 'The rain does not come at the right time. People start planting and there is no rain. When it comes a month later, the seeds have already died and we have to sow again,' shared Latika Sagar, India. Tearfund UK is calling churches and Christians to be mindful of climate change and to care for God’s creation during Lent every year through prayer and actions. [Tearfund]

For three consecutive years, CEDAR is responding to the call from Tearfund UK to mobilise churches and Christians in Hong Kong to take part in Carbon Fast 2012 (22 Feb -7 April). 40 days worth of daily devotion and action suggestions are provided. Please click for details.

Pray for the Nations:

  • Give thanks that Carbon Fast has gone global! Pray that more Churches and Christians will join;
  • Pray for God’s help that we may reflect in our hearts and experience the hardship of the poor in order to learn to deny our desires and live a life of simplicity and love;
  • Remember the needs of the poor communities that are badly affected by climate change. May God deliver them from hardship.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2650 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2650 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Serious Unemployment Among Youth Worldwide In the aftermath of the economic crisis in 2009, global youth unemployment rate saw its largest annual increase on record at 12.6%, far higher than that of the adult at 4.8%, resulting in some 75.8 million unemployed youth, according to the latest World Youth Report. Young people believe the current education systems are not preparing them adequately to compete in the job market, rendering them often the last to be hired and the first to be dismissed. Young women face greater challenges than their male counterparts when accessing jobs, with many having to work part time or in lower-paid occupations[UN News]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray for improvement of education systems that may help young people enter the job market, maximizing their strengths and potentials to serve society;
  • Give thanks for the World Youth Report for introducing an online discussion platform, allowing young people to express their views on employment issues. Pray that the voices of young people will be valued and their input will not be in vain;
  • Pray for fair gender treatment in job accessibility.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2649 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2649 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Late response to food crisis in East Africa





Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. (Isaiah 1:17)

According to a recent joint report by Oxfam and Save the Children, there was a six month delay in the large-scale aid effort to the East Africa drought because humanitarian agencies and national governments were too slow to scale up their response to the crisis. Many donors wanted proof of a humanitarian catastrophe before acting to prevent one, resulting in needless loss of lives and dollars. Some early action did take place. But overall, the scale of crisis outstripped these efforts, and more costly interventions had to be taken at a later stage. The two agencies urge governments to fulfil their responsibilities and take concrete steps, like identifying the early warning signs of food crises, and responding immediately and effectively, to stop catastrophic food crises from happening again. [BBC] [Oxfam]

The need of humanitarian assistance in East Africa remains high. Please click here to give your support to East Africa Drought relief work of CEDAR’s partners.

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray that those who are still at risk of losing their lives due to food crisis can get timely support;
  • Pray for the emergency relief and rehabilitation work by the governments and NGOs;
  • Pray that all parties can learn from the crisis and improve their abilities to respond to food emergencies and take action at the earliest possible.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2638 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2638 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Rises in sex-ratio imbalance The sex-ratio imbalance has been increasing in certain Asian and European countries in the last few years. In recent decades, some countries with high sex-ratios imbalance arouse concern of governments, demographers and human rights groups who say that the root cause is son preference, though other factors including the use of new sex-selection technologies and a trend toward smaller families also play a part. Almost 20 per cent of the 'missing girls' in the world, estimated to be 39 million under the age of 20, disappear after they are born through malnutrition, infanticide and other related causes. High imbalances also indicate gender inequality in a country, a problem that can be tackled by governments’ placing more emphasis on empowering women and improving pensions, in order to avoid aggravation of gender imbalances by traditional practice of having sons only for economic support in old age.  [UNFPA]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray that preference of boys over girls will reach its end in societies soon;
  • Pray also that countries with high sex-ratio imbalance will be able to confront and tackle related problems and consequences.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2637 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2637 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Haiti Quake Victims' Suffering Continues





To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice. (Proverbs 21:3)

Two years after an earthquake flattened Haiti, UNICEF recently reported that children remain the most vulnerable. There has been healing and progress in the areas of education, health, nutrition and child protection. However, serious gaps and inadequacies in Haiti's basic governance structures remain. It also warned that continuing gaps in the funding for recovery programmes will affect overall progress on child rights in 2012. With over four million Haitian children under the age of 18, many of them still struggle for survival, development and protection amid glaring institutional weaknesses. More than 500,000 Haitians remain displaced in over 800 different Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps across the quake-affected areas. As the overwhelming majority of them were renters prior to the quake, many of them have no homes to return to. [UN, UNICEF]

Pray for Haiti:

  • Pray for improvements in the governance of the Haitian government, the cornerstone for post-disaster rehabilitation work in the country;
  • Pray that Haiti could access sufficient resources for all kinds of rehabilitation work in the long recovery journey;
  • Pray for the needs of the children and IDPs.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2630 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2630 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 International Year of Co-operatives, 2012 UN has declared 2012 as the International Year of Co-operatives (IYC), highlighting the contribution of co-operatives to socio-economic development, particularly their impact on poverty reduction, employment generation and social integration. With the theme of "Co-operative Enterprises Build a Better World", the International Year of Co-operatives aims to increase public awareness, promote the formation and growth of co-operatives among individuals and institutions, encourage governments and regulatory bodies to establish relevant policies, laws and regulation. "Co-operatives are a reminder to the international community that it is possible to pursue both economic viability and social responsibility," said Ban Ki-moon, UN General Secretary. Its success has helped prevent many families and communities from sliding into poverty. [UN, IYC]

Pray for IYC:

  • Pray for the operation of different co-operatives all over the world. Pray that it can effectively empower poor communities;
  • Pray that the events of IYC can mobilise more individuals/ organisations to support  co-operatives.
]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2629 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2629 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Hunger Threatens Lives of 2.5 Million South Sudanese  




"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." (John 16:3)

In South Sudan, the world's newest country, recent erratic rains have damaged crops; border closures between Sudan and South Sudan are disrupting food trade, leading to frequent shortages and high food prices. Conflict, ethnic violence and insecurity aggravates the situation. All these threatening factors leave some 2.5 million people in critical conditions unless food assistance is provided immediately. [UN News(1), UN News(2)]

Pray for the Nation

  • Pray that God will make the way for food assistance and delivery;
  • Pray for peace in South Sudan soon;
  • Pray for good weather and soil for agriculture in coming years, improving local food security.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2617 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2617 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Challenges and Needs in Yemen In Yemen, the poorest country in Middle East, some seven million people are food insecure with nearly one third of children surveyed suffering from either moderate or severe acute malnutrition. Poverty and unemployment, exacerbated by the current political unrest, are driving up child marriages there. Yemen’s new coalition government has been formed recently after nearly a year of political turbulence and has numerous problems to tackle but few resources.[IRIN(1), IRIN(2), IRIN(3), IRIN(4)]

Pray for the Nation

  • Pray for smooth regime transition and good governance of the new Yemen government;
  • Pray for God’s provision and protection to people, especially children in Yemen.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2616 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2616 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Secure Land Access Fosters Sustainable Development  




I will grant peace in the land, and you will lie down and no one will make you afraid. I will remove wild beasts from the land, and the sword will not pass through your country. (Leviticus 26: 6)

Unprecedented pressures on land have been created as new areas are cultivated, taken over by expanding urban centres or abandoned due to degradation, climate change and conflict. According to a study in more than 61 countries jointly prepared by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and global corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI), weak governance has increased the likelihood of corruption in land tenure and administration, from small-scale bribes and fraud to high-level abuses of government power and political positions. The risk of corruption rises and threatens to turn land into a tool of alienation of ordinary people. Consequently people lose the cultural and economic benefits of their own land resources. Secure access to land and protection of natural resources from unbridled use is one of the keys to ensuring food security, social stability, investment, broad-based economic growth and sustainable development. [FAO]

Pray for nations:

Pray for the improvement of land governance by governments of different nations, ensuring people’s access to land resources for livelihood improvement.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2605 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2605 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Intercultural Dialogue to Promote Tolerance More than 2,000 participants, including political and corporate leaders, civil society activists and faith communities have gathered in Doha, Qatar to take part in the fourth UN Alliance of Civilizations Forum (UNAOC), to discuss how to improve relations across cultures, combat prejudice and build lasting peace. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged members of the Alliance of Civilizations to combat extremism and promote tolerance at a time when universal values are being tested in many parts of the world, particularly in countries undergoing political transitions. He also stressed the Alliance's responsibility to prevent conflict and violence by promoting dialogue and laying the groundwork for mutual understanding. [UN news, UNAOC]

Pray for nations:
Pray for the actual implementation of discussion outcome after the forum, the governments of different nations can perform a more active role to eliminate violence and to build peace.

CEDAR will hold a sharing session "Conflict? Peace? Current Situation of Orissa, India" on 6 January 2012, please click here for details.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2604 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2604 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Developing Nations Lose Billions to Multinational Tax Dodging  






Give us today our daily bread. (Matthew 6:11 )

Multinational tax dodges are estimated to account for over half of all illicit capital flight from developing countries. European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad) estimated the amount is more than a trillion dollars per year. More than half of this amount is related to activities conducted by international companies.  Tax dodging practices are endangering each developing country's ability to eradicate poverty and to work out a sustainable development strategy. They also make poor countries more dependent on international aid because domestic resources are lost. [IPS] [EURODAD]

Pray for nations:

A lot of tax dodging cases are related to European multinational companies. Pray that legislation proposed by EU can improve the accountability of international trading. Pray for a more appropriate way to plug current loopholes and crack down on tax dodging.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2601 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2601 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Food Security and Farmers in Kenya The switch by many farmers in Kenya's Rift Valley province from staple cereals to more profitable coffee is likely to increase the country's dependence on grain imports and possibly affect food security. With current inflation, joblessness and low purchasing power of many Kenyans, another jump in food prices will make the number of people able to access two meals a day even lower. [IRIN]

Pray for nations:
1. Pray for food security in Kenya.
2. Pray that specialists can accurately evaluate local land condition, and effectively present their suggestions and analysis to government and farmers
3. Pray that local farmers and official parties would make a wise decision to avoid faviouring short-term profit at the expense of their long-term livelihood

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2600 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2600 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Asia-Pacific Children Most Vulnerable to Climate Change  






May the Lord be our judge and decide between us. May he consider my cause and uphold it; may he vindicate me by delivering me from your hand. (1 Samuel 24:15)

According to a report released by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Asia accounted for 88% of people affected by disasters worldwide and 61% of total fatalities over the period of 1975 – 2008. An increase in the frequency and intensity of hydrometeorological events due to climate change is expected, bringing about deeper impact on children in Asia-Pacific region. Higher temperatures have been linked to increased rates of cholera, diarrhoeal disease, malaria and dengue, to which children are more vulnerable. Children are also likely to get hurt and lose their lives in disasters. One in every four children in Asia-Pacific region is already underdeveloped due to poor nutrition. Besides, children might suffer from hunger and malnutrition since frequent disasters could have a long-term negative impact on agricultural production leading to higher food prices. [UN News] [UNICEF]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray for more education and participation opportunities for children in disaster emergency response, preparedness and mitigation.
  • Pray that countries in Asia- Pacific region will adopt measures to address the risk caused by climate change which are affecting many children.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2589 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2589 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Indonesia Migrant Workers Facing Death Get Legal Aid In July, a task force was established to address a variety of issues involving large number of low-income Indonesians who are migrant workers in other countries. This was the response toward an incident in which Saudi Arabia beheaded an Indonesian maid who was charged with murder without even notifying the Indonesian government, a violation of the usual diplomatic protocol. According to the initial findings released by the task force in October, there are 221 Indonesian migrant workers facing death sentences in China, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. The Indonesian government therefore has approved a legal aid budget to assist these workers, including hiring full-time attorneys, for helping out Indonesian migrant workers who often do not have access to such assistance. However, many of them still face legal challenges in countries like Saudi Arabia, whose judiciary system is plagued with underlying problems. Migrant workers are not likely to experience a just legal process. [IPS] [Reuters]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray that Indonesian migrant workers who are facing legal difficulties in other countries will be able to go through a just legal process.
  • Pray that migrant workers will be treated fairly and accepted by local communities.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2588 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2588 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Social Protection for All Builds Fairer World  






Turn your ear to me, come quickly to my rescue; be my rock of refuge, a strong fortress to save me. (Psalm 31:2)

With more than five out of every seven people in the world lacking adequate social security, a UN report called for guaranteeing basic income and services for all, not only as a means to ensure peace and stability but also to boost economic growth. Measures providing income security and scaling up essential health services are affordable even in the poorest countries, costing as little as 1 to 2 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP). Minimum social protection includes the universal access to essential affordable social services in health, water and sanitation, education, food, housing, and other services. Extending social protection serves as a means of enhancing social cohesion, reducing poverty, stimulating economies and hedging against the impacts of economic crises. It is crucial to build fairer, more inclusive and equitable societies. [UN News]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Please pray for those who have lost loved ones, homes, livelihoods and livestock: Pray that their immediate survival needs will be met.
  • Remember the local aid agencies and local churches across affected regions in Asia: May God grant them strength as they deliver practical life-saving assistance.
  • For local and central governments: Pray for wisdom as they take stock of emergency needs, evacuate people marooned by the floods and organise relief supplies.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2585 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2585 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Uganda Maternal Health Crisis The shortage of health workers in Uganda is a crisis, where just 56 percent of Uganda's available health positions are filled. Thus expectant mothers are bearing the brunt of medical staffing deficiency. Parliament's recent refusal to reallocate part of the country's budget to hire more doctors, nurses and midwives has now become a rallying point for Uganda's maternal health advocates. The reallocation failure has infuriated health advocates, especially maternal health activists, who point to the lack of trained nurses and midwives as a key reason an estimated 16 women die daily while giving birth in Uganda. Zambia and Uganda have similar GDPs, but WHO figures show very different death rates for mothers in the two countries: 7.8 percent of all deaths of women of reproductive age in Zambia are related to childbirth, against 11.3 percent in Uganda. [IRIN]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray for all pregnant women that they will receive appropriate care.
  • Pray that the Ugandan government will reallocate budget for recruiting more health workers to fill the gap.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2582 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2582 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
South-East Asian Countries Hit by Floods  





Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

Devastating floods hit Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India, the Philippines and Viet Nam in recent months. Some 700 lives have been lost in Thailand and Cambodia.,while homes, crops and vital infrastructure have been destroyed in Laos, India, the Philippines and Viet Nam,. More than eight million people have been affected and millions living in low-lying areas remain vulnerable to further destruction. Frontline aid workers found that many families fled their homes and were living in desperate conditions, with outbreaks of illness caused by mosquitoes and unclean water. [UN News, Tearfund UK]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Please pray for those who have lost loved ones, homes, livelihoods and livestock: Pray that their immediate survival needs will be met.
  • Remember the local aid agencies and local churches across affected regions in Asia: May God grant them strength as they deliver practical life-saving assistance.
  • For local and central governments: Pray for wisdom as they take stock of emergency needs, evacuate people marooned by the floods and organise relief supplies.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2572 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2572 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Laos' Church Building Seized and Christian Families Expelled In Laos, religious groups are allowed to seek permission for constructing a place of worship; however the Laos government invariably denies approval for new construction of church buildings. An eradication policy against Christians also surfaced back in local district. In September, a church in a village in Savannakhet province, northern Laos was taken over by district officials; and three Christian families from another village have been expelled by the village chief after they refused to renounce their faith. [CSW]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray that the three families now sheltering at the rice fields may be kept as safe as possible.  Pray especially for the children who have subsequently fallen ill due to the hardship involved.
  • Pray for God's grace and favour be with those in authority so that they will stop their aggressive and evil ways, and so that the Christians there may live in safety without persecution or danger.
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Women Farmers' Well-being in Bangladesh Neglected  


Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. (Isaiah 1:17)

Close to half of all farmers in Bangladesh are women, and the majority have not received their Agriculture Input Assistance Card (AIAC) required to access fertiliser, cash, and other government subsidies for farmers. The land is registered under the husband’s name but. many of them would leave the country for work. leaving the women behind to work in the field. These women face discrimination in every step of food production process. [IRIN]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray that the Bangladesh government will revise its policy related to AIAC and recognise the role of millions of real agricultural heroines in the country.
  • Pray that discrimination against women farmers will be eliminated.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2561 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2561 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
International Day of Older Persons 1 October is International Day of Older Persons. Almost 700 million people are now over the age of 60, and by 2050 this number will rise to about two billion, or over 20 per cent of the then world’s population. Despite modern society’s strides in human longevity, millions of older persons suffer daily from age-old problems of prejudice, stigmatisation, discrimination and lack of access to appropriate health care. The provision of social protection, long-term care and access to public health for the elderly must not be undermined because of the current downward spiralling fiscal environment. [UN]

Pray for the Nations:

Pray that governments will adopt policies to reverse the unfavourable situation for the elderly, with more resources devoted to geriatric health care and a greater focus directed to long-term and chronic pain.treatments



http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2560 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2560 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Financial Speculations in Food Futures Intensify Hunger  





One who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and one who gives gifts to the rich—both come to poverty. (Proverbs 22: 16)

Banks and other financial speculators are betting on food prices in financial markets, causing dramatic spikes in the cost of food. From 2006 to 2011, financial speculation on food has nearly doubled from $65 billion to $126 billion. The total amount of money is 20 times more than the total amount of aid money given globally for agriculture. The huge influx of speculation has forced prices up, resulting in increasing hunger. The price of food in developing countries as a whole has risen by 55 per cent since 2007, while in Sub-Saharan Africa one third of the population do not have enough food. [WDM1, WDM2]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray that basic needs of people in poverty may be met under the impact of high food price.
  • Pray for effective regulation in futures markets that would benefit food producers and consumers, especially the people who live in poverty.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2546 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2546 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Drop in Child Mortality Helps Achieve MDG Although the number of children under five who die each year has plummeted from 12 million in 1990 to 7.6 million in 2010, more effort is still needed to reach UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) on reducing child mortality. About 21,000 children are still dying every day from preventable causes. Babies are particularly vulnerable. More than 40% of deaths in children under the age of five occur within the first month of life and more than 70% in the first year of life. In sub-Saharan Africa, one in eight children dies before reaching the age of five. That compares with one in 143 children dying before five years old in developed countries. [BBC]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray for continued efforts of governments and aid agencies to fight against child mortality.
  • Pray that the newborns in poor countries can receive better healthcare, clean water and better nutrition, as well as effective prevention and treatment of infant diseases.


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A New Camp for Ivorian Refugees in Liberia





Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

UNHCR has opened a sixth camp in Liberia for Ivorian refugees who are currently scattered across 300 remote locations along the border with Côte d'Ivoire. Over 50,000 refugees are expected to be moved to the six camps by the end of this year. More than 173,000 Ivorians are estimated to have crossed into Liberia in the wake of last year's election and the ensuing instability. About 30,000 live in the five other camps set up earlier. The governments of Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire and UNHCR signed a tripartite agreement in August for the voluntary repatriation of Ivorian refugees. UNHCR is working on the modalities of an organised repatriation movement for which a launch date has yet to be agreed. [UNHCR]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray that more refugees who are scattered across 300 remote locations along the border with Côte d'Ivoire will receive assistance.
  • Pray for the voluntary return and repatriation of those refugees in safety and their adaptation to normal life.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2539 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2539 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
World Suicide Prevention Day 2011 The theme in World Suicide Prevention Day 2011 held on 10th September is "Preventing Suicide in Multicultural Societies", which aims at raising awareness of the fact that all countries in the world are multicultural. The WHO estimates that about one million people around the world die by suicide every year. However, many countries still lack reliable suicide statistics, and even countries with reliable statistics may lack knowledge about the magnitude of the problem in some of their minority populations. Knowledge about common risk factors in a society often stems from research in majority populations, but risk factors for suicide vary across cultural groups. In fact, suicide prevention is everybody's business. [IASP]

Pray for the Nations:
> Pray that more people will heed the voices and interests of minority groups in their midst.
> Pray that national suicide prevention strategies will take the perspectives of any minority groups and special cultural groups into consideration.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2538 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2538 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Food Crisis Escalating Among Urban Poor in Kenya




The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him. (Nahum 1:7)

The food crisis that is devastating lives throughout the Horn of Africa is not restricted to the arid lands where media attention is currently focused. In informal urban settlements, malnutrition affects thousands of children but remains largely overlooked. Over the past five months, a 62% increase in cases of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) at clinics in Nairobi slum areas has been recorded. The food crisis, the fuel crisis, and so on are probably affecting people in urban areas more than in the north. People living in slums are especially vulnerable to food price changes because so much of their income goes to food, and the lack of regular employment makes planning and saving difficult. [IRIN]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray for more attention to the food shortage and malnutrition in urban slums in Kenya.
  • Pray for the food aid and relief projects provided by NGOs in the Horn of Africa, including CEDAR's partner. (Please click here for details.)
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2520 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2520 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
High Demand for Teachers in Northern Sri Lanka As thousands of students begin uninterrupted schooling after a lapse of years, Sri Lanka's former northern conflict zone is facing a shortage of teachers. In 26 years of fighting, schools were destroyed and children's access to education was disrupted. Now, more than two years after the government declared victory over the LTTE, many buildings have been repaired, students are primed, but heads of classrooms are scarce. In the region with the direst need, 10 classes are manned by only two teachers. Similar shortages are faced in Kilinochchi District, at the heart of the fighting in the last days of the war, where some 400 posts need to be filled. Transportation, accommodation and the lack of basic facilities such as safe water and healthcare do not create an inviting environment for professional teachers. [IRIN]

Pray for the Nations:
> Pray for God's provision of equipped teachers in northern Sri Lanka.
> Pray for good progress on post-conflict rehabilitation.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2519 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2519 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Measles Outbreak in Somali Refugee Camps



Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the alien or the poor. In your hearts do not think evil of each other. (Zechariah 7:10)

UNHCR voiced alarm at the plight of Somali refugees in the Dollo Ado camps in south-eastern Ethiopia following an outbreak of suspected measles, and called for urgent action to assist an already vulnerable population. So far there have been 47 official cases and three deaths from suspected measles in one of the camps of 25,000 people over the past week. UNHCR noted that the health of the refugees, who fled the famine in their homeland, is already fragile. The mix of measles and high levels of malnutrition can be fatal. Health experts said high rates of acute malnutrition, low vaccination coverage in Somalia and overcrowding in the camps are some of the aggravating factors associated with this outbreak.  [UN news]

Pray for the Nations:

  • Pray that the governments and humanitarian organisations can speed up the immunisation operation in the refugee camps.
  • Pray that all parties can run the emergency relief operation effectively.
  • Pray for His protection and provision to the refugees.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2514 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2514 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Hope of New Constitution Improving Women’s Rights in Nepal IRIN]

Pray for Nations:

  • Pray that officials involved would listen to the public and draft the constitution; pray for the peace and social stability in Nepal.
  • Pray that women rights will be respected and secured.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2513 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2513 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Vulnerable Situation of Child Soldiers in Central African Republic






He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; he burns the shields with fire. (Psalm 46: 9)

Many children living in the Central African Republic (CAR) are vulnerable to being recruited into armed groups. Last month, the national government was able to broker a ceasefire agreement with the last rebel group in action since the civil war officially ended in 2008. Nevertheless children as young as 12 years old are still serving in some “self-defence militias”. Self-defence militias were formed to protect local communities from bandits, gangs and other hostile armed groups or individuals when the national army could not do so. The total number of child soldiers in the CAR’s self-defence militias is likely 2,000 – more than in recognised armed groups. [SOS Children Village]

Pray for Nations:

  • Pray for prohibition of child soldier recruitment along with the immediate and unconditional release of all children associated with militias groups.
  • Pray for ending of all conflict and true peace in the country.
  • Pray also the country’s reconstruction and development despite of weak economy, food insecurity, underdeveloped social services and demographic pressures.
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Heavy Casualties incurred by Landslides in Nepal IRIN]

Pray for Nations:

  • Pray for the Nepalese government’s ability to respond to landslides, and the efforts to strengthen the disaster management system.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2501 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2501 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Rights of Domestic Workers are Recognised under New Labour Standards






I put on righteousness as my clothing; justice was my robe and my turban. (Job 29:14)

The government, worker and employer delegates at the 100th annual Conference of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) adopted the Convention on Domestic Workers (2011) by a vote of 396 to 16. The new standards set out that domestic workers must have the same basic labour rights as those available to other workers: reasonable hours of work, weekly rest of at least 24 consecutive hours as well as the right to collective bargaining. These standards make clear that domestic workers are neither servants nor "members of the family", but workers. They can no longer be considered second-class workers. [ILO]

Pray for Nations:

  • Praise for the adoption of a historic set of international standards aimed at improving the working conditions of tens of millions of domestic workers worldwide.
  • Pray that the convention can provide domestic workers with what they lacked most: recognition as workers as well as respect and dignity as human beings.
  • Pray for the process of ratification and application of the new ILO instruments.
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World Population Day 2011──A World of 7 Billion UNFPA] [UN News ]

Pray for Nations:

  • Pray for "7 Billion Actions," a campaign launched by UNFPA to promote dialogue on the challenges, opportunities and actions that will be needed to ensure a better future for humanity. Please click here for details.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2480 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2480 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
World Food Programme Cuts Afghan Food Assistance The U.N. World Food Programme announced it will cut food assistance to about half of Afghanistan’s provinces due to fund shortage, affecting school meals subsidies and programmes for exchanging training or work with food. The programme will focus on providing food assistance to the most needy Afghans, especially women and children.  Although it had planned to help feed more than 7 million people in Afghanistan this year, only 3.8 million people will be benefitted. [UN News]  [WFP]

Pray for the people in Afghans who are affected by cut in food assistance.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2459 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2459 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
60% Global Deaths Caused By Non-Communicable Diseases According to a report by the U.N. Secretary-General's office 60% of all global deaths are now caused by non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer, diabetes and lung disease and 80% of NCDs occur in low- to middle-income countries which have high risk factors of the diseases. For example, Africa has the highest rate of raised blood pressure in the world. However, NCDs do not receive as much attention and resources as infectious diseases do. The World Health Organisation (WHO) forecasts that between 2006 and 2015, deaths related to NCDs will increase worldwide by 17%. [IPS]

Pray that non-communicable diseases will receive much attention and concern.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2458 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2458 2008-7-10 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Integrated Community Development Project in Gansu Give thanks that the process of cooperative registration initiated by Wushengyi farmers will soon complete. Our partner Lanzhou City Christian Church (LZCCC) will organize trainings on financial management, regulations on cooperative, communication skills, etc. to strengthen villagers’ abilities to run a co-operative in the coming year. Those who applied sponsorship to construct rainwater cisterns need to finish the construction work by mid July this year. However rains and busy farming season may hinder the ability of villagers to meet the deadlines.

Pray for Gansu:

  • Pray that partner’s training activities can raise villagers’ capacilties to run the co-operative;
  • Pray for villagers who need to complete the construction of rainwater cisterns by mid July.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2737 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2737 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Children Ministry in India Give thanks that a Boys' Camp with topic on 'Leadership" held by partner CMCT went well with 150 boys participated and 58 boys accepted the Lord. Because of a terrible fuel shortage and the dramatic rise in the price of petrol and diesel, CMCT staff has to travel back and forth to buy fuel from another area to meet the needs at CMCT office and children hostel. There are many job interviews to get suitable teachers for the primary and higher secondary school as well as interviews of re-admitting the children into hostel.

Pray for India:

  • Pray for the safety and smooth journey of the staff who travels a long way to obtain fuel for the office and the hostel;
  • Pray for partner’s strength and discernment in attending lots of interviews;
  • Pray that good, godly house mothers will join CMCT ministry.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2736 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2736 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Development in Afghanistan The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Afghan Opium Survey 2011 reported a sharp increase in opium production, higher prices for the crop and a flourishing drugs trade in Afghanistan. More than 1 million drug users in the country and 5% of the population involved in drug cultivation. UNODC's coming 3 year country programme will support the Government of Afghanistan to deliver an effective drugs and crime response. Many development & relief groups, including CEDAR's partner IAM, SERVE & DARMAN, are addressing cross cutting issues related to illicit drugs such as establishing alternative livelihoods for households, drug demand reduction, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. At last week's North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summit in Chicago, world leaders discussed the withdrawal of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. The withdrawal of international military forces will likely have an impact on the security and stability of the country.

Pray for Afghanistan:

  • Pray that the work of IAM, SERVE, DARMAN and other development and relief groups can help local people to create more livelihoods to replace poppy cultivation in order to address the problem of opium production;
  • Pray for good preparation and smooth transition of the withdrawal of ISAF by 2014;
  • Pray for better governance of Afghanistan on internal security and post-war rehabilitation and development.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2728 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2728 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Post-fire Rehabilitation in Bihar, India On 28 April a fire swept through K village of Madhepura, Bihar. It was started by a spark from an open cooking hearth in the village, waves of fire spread throughout most of the village. In the end, over 70 houses were razed to the ground. This village was hit by a fire two years ago. Villagers experienced a miraculous recue from God and some villagers convert into Christianity afterwards. NIEA has been serving Christians in the target community for about two years and with the current crisis, partner is responding to emergency needs of fire victims. NIEA has made an initial assessment with 50 families needing urgent assistance in the form of a survival kit – tarpaulin for shelter, food, home supplies like soap, towels, candles etc. CEDAR is supporting their rehabilitation work on building materials to 50 affected families to re-construct new houses.

Pray for India:

  • Pray for God's comfort and healing to all affected families;
  • Pray that affected families can rebuild their homes shortly;
  • Pray for more awareness on fire prevention among villagers and better fire facilities in the village.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2727 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2727 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Bangladesh Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Project Kalapara subdistrict of Patuakhali District is the southernmost tip of Bangladesh, which is most vulnerable to cyclone, tidal surge, flood, and tornado. CEDAR partner World Concern Bangladesh has launched a 3-year project to establish and train teams on Early Warning, First Aid, and Rescue at Madhya Tiakhali village. In mid April, villagers recognized signs that a tornado was coming. They, therefore, withdrew to shelters. Tornado hit the village and destroyed many houses and assets but no human lives were lost.

Pray for the Project:

  • Give thanks that, through project intervention, the awareness of villagers is rising and the loss by disaster is reduced;
  • Pray for the training for staff, committee members, volunteers, church leaders, villagers. Hope that they can be well equipped to respond the disaster.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2724 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2724 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Child Soldiers Children Project in Chiang Rai, Thailand In Wa State of Myanmar, children reaching the age of 10- 12 are involuntarily drafted into the force., These children suffer from no access to schooling and face abuse of human rights. CEDAR partner Maesai Grace Church is located in restricted access regions of Myanmar and Thailand Border and ministers to the Burmese. The church takes orphans and children at risk to care for them. Our partner’s Children Home started in 2007 and is currently looking after 20 children. Thanks to the lobbying of the church, all the Burmese children from the Children Home are now eligible to apply for ID document from Thai government; the application and documentation process is already complete.  These children from Wa area have no birth certificate because Burmese Government does not admit the legitimacy of Wa State. The few that got their ID document are now studying at Thai government school starting from Grade one.

Pray for the Project:

  • Give thanks for the good work of partner. Pray for the situation improvement of the children from Wa State;
  • Pray for the work of the Children Home. Pray that children can have a safe place to get basic need and spiritual care;
  • Pray for their studies, especially study in Thai language, and adjustments at local school.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2723 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2723 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Children Ministry in India CEDAR Partner CCI provides education and hostels mainly for the orphans and vulnerable children of Dalit (the untouchable) in India. YB has just replaced her deceased husband to act as the new Director. CCI will like to to launch outreach ministries for the teenagers and street kids in Hyderabad.

Pray for CCI:

  • May God bless YB to have grace and strength in her new ministry;
  • The students in 7th grade & 10th grade will soon sit in the public examination. Pray that students can have good performance;
  • Pray for the construction of new school/hostel for the children and open doors for outreach ministries.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2710 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2710 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Update situation of displaced Kachin in Myanmar Conflicts in Kachin, Myanmar’s border, are continuing. Many displaces families (est. 70,000) are taking shelter at 47  IDP camps along the Burma/ China border. The monsoon rainy season is approaching and most people are staying at makeshift camps. CEDAR partner’s KLCC is providing support to people affected by the conflicts. There is an urgent need to raise fund to build a refugee house. In addition, health & sanitation are top priority needs in camps.

Pray for Myanmar:

  • Pray for the peace negotiation between KIA & Burma government and a breakthrough in the process;
  • Remember the needs of Kachin IDPs. Pray that the Burmese government will allow UN organizations & NGOs to have more access into these camps to better respond to the present humanitarian crisis.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2709 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2709 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Community Development Project in Gansu Project partner Lanzhou City Christian Council has planned to designate a portion of their micro credit loan to support 17 poor households to raise goat for development.  Partner also encouraged villagers to contribute savings to the community's micro loan pool in order to help more villagers in need. Farmers are initiating the formation of co-operatives. Staff are preparing relevant training to ensure smooth operation in the future.

Pray for the project:

  • Praise the Lord that villagers has contributed RMB 10,000 on top of partner's RMB 40,000 toward micro credit loan.
  • Pray for the establishment, operation and training ministry of the villagers' cooperative.
  • Pray for the selection of goat raising households, distribution of goats and spring agricultural works.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2705 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2705 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Children Ministry in Ethiopia Throughout this past year, partner AAGC had been facilitating the parents of sponsored children to form self-help groups and to start saving. Through the upcoming micro credit project, the families in need will be given the opportunities for development. Partner will later visit another NGO which has implemented a self-help group project and hope to learn from the experience exchange.

Pray for the project:

  • Pray also for self-help groups that they can come up with innovative income generating activities and to earn more income through the micro credit loan.
  • Pray for fruitful learning through visiting the NGO, bringing inspiration to partner for their project planning of the following year.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2704 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2704 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Ministry in Yunnan Our Yunnan office has been successfully registered and auditing is in progress. With support from our staff team, two trained trainer from our HIV Prevention and Community Mobilization Project, and a local doctor will conduct a 2-day workshop on Integral Mission and HIV Prevention & Care to a group of local leaders.

Pray for the project:

  • Pray for the upcoming audit process;
  • Pray also for preparation and teamwork of the workshop. Pray that the participants may be motivated to put what they have learnt into practise and serve in their communities.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2699 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2699 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Integrated Community Outreach in India Our partner Discipleship Centre (DC) revealed that being abused physically or sexually, having fathers who are alcoholics, and becoming child labourers are common experience amongst drop-out children. Our partner persuades or counsels the parents to let their drop-out children study or acquire various kinds of knowledge at the learning centre. Give thanks that children and youth have drastic growth in character and knowledge.

Pray for the project:

  • Pray that parents of the children will change their bad habits, treat their children well and support them to study;
  • Pray also for partner's grassroots leadership training, that these grassroots leaders may bring about transfomration in the community which will encourage more villagers to participate in village development.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2698 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2698 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Community Health and Labour Education in Hubei In Yunxi County, located in the north-west part of Hubei, pneumoconiosis is quite common. CEDAR is planning to add a community health programme on pneumoconiosis, collecting the information of pneumoconiosis and designing proper education materials and activities for the community. Besides, we are also aware that many people have gone out from Wufeng County (west central part of Hubei) to other cities for work without proper assistance. Therefore, our Hubei team is exploring the possibility of providing assistance and training on preserving labour right to migrant workers.

Pray for CEDAR:

  • Pray that God will guide our way on planning and development of community health programme in Yunxi County to help local people to prevent pneumoconiosis;
  • Please also remember the exploration of the possibility of implementing a labour education programme in Wufeng County.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2688 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2688 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Kenya Relief Project Ten million people have been affected by drought in East Africa. CEDAR's partner CRWRC is implementing a relief project of drilling boreholes in north-western Kenya to benefit the drought victims. The drilling was finished but the well is still not in operation since electricity has yet to be connected. A new water committee has been elected and they are receiving ongoing training and support on how to manage the new water system and to facilitate the community people in using the water supply in an orderly way.

Pray for the project:

  • Please remember the need of the drought victims in East Africa.
  • Pray that the delay in electricity connection will be fixed as soon as possible and that the new water committee will function effectively.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2687 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2687 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
AIDS Orphans Caring Project in Zimbabwe Since last year, Partner FACT has extended its approach from individual care of AIDS orphans to family care. It aims to build the families’ capacities and improve the livelihood. Give thanks that 5 saving groups have been set up and they are running well. Besides, FACT is planning to set up an education revolving fund so that the graduates can also contribute to the project. FACT has held a training on the SAVE model and 22 church leaders joined the training.

Pray for the partner:

  • Pray that the saving groups will use the loan in an effective way, helping the families in need to generate income;
  • Pray that the education revolving fund will help more children receive tertiary education and encourage sharing grace;
  • Pray that the training participants can put into actions and bring bigger impact in the community.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2681 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2681 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Japan Earthquake Relief Work One year has passed since the disaster, and yet a lot of challenges remain. The original communities were dispersed because of displacement. The affected population suffer both physical and psychological trauma. Partner ADRA has been providing timely assistance to the affected people in the past year and will serve the target community for at least 2 more years, changing activities according to the needs of the local people. ADRA has been training people from churches in Japan to serve the affected people through Ashiyu (Foot Bath in Japanese). During an Ashiyu treatment, the clients, namely, residents at temporary housing and other displaced people, soak their feet in hot water. Meanwhile, volunteers will give them a gentle hand massage while engaging them in conversations. Partner is happy to see that these residents are open to talk about their true deep feelings and concerns during Ashiyu, things which may otherwise not be divulged during a formal discussion/meeting. Please click here for the latest detailed Japan Earthquake Relief Report.

Pray for the project:

  • Pray for different reconstruction work in Japan. Pray that the affected people can restore their livelihood soon;
  • Pray for the setup of a mobile Ashiyu unit. Pray that more church volunteers will join the ministry to serve and share the love of God;
  • Pray for the counselling programme in Yamamoto city provided for the workers at a reconstruction liaison centre and Council of Social Welfare.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2680 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2680 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Advocacy on Women Empowerment in Nepal Women in Nepal have low social status. They are often been treated unequally and face oppressions. CEDAR partner Share and Care Nepal has been working hard in fighting against injustice. A women empowerment programme is implemented in the villages of Chhampi and Dukuchhap to raise women’s rights and self-confidence and to improve their quality of life. Praise God for the good progress of the programmes. 9 women action groups and 2 adolescent girls groups have been formed. The women are united and participated in meetings and social gatherings in the community. Their capacity and skills are being strengthened through various trainings, group meetings and awareness program.

Pray for the project:

  • Pray for the women action group as it is hoping to register with the VDC. But the idea of registering social groups with the VDC is very new and the women group does not even know the legal consideration for registration.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2669 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2669 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Migrant Labourers Project In Chiang Rai, N. Thailand In order to seek better living, many Burmese migrant labourers move to Thailand. Many of them cannot register due to high registration fee and become illegal workers, making them easy targets of exploitation by employers. CEDAR partner Mekong Minority Foundation (MMF) in partnership with Burmese speaking churches in Chiang Rai established a Migrant Labours Network (MLN) in Chiang Rai to provide support to Burmese migrant labourers on labour rights and labour disputes, training on labour protection laws, counselling, hospital visits, adult literacy, production of newsletter for the migrant labourers and launching a radio broadcasting program to provide migrant labourers with information related to their rights. Give thanks that an evaluation was done with stakeholders who expressed very favourable understanding of the nature of MMF's work with Burmese migrant labourers, its importance and progress.

Pray for the project:

  • Pray for wisdom to move forward with a number of recommendations and implementation of MMF's new 5 year strategic plan.
  • Pray for MMF as they continue with advocacy efforts, including helping workers to register for work in new work locations or other districts.
  • Pray that information related to migrant labourers' rights and legal issues can be made more widely available through radio broadcastings, newsletters and training.
  • Pray for MMF staff & volunteers as they take turn to visit the sick in hospitals.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2668 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2668 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Bangladesh Comprehensive Adolescent Development Programme Early marriage, wife abuse and polygamy are common practices in Bangladesh. Many parents and guardians stop girls from receiving education and coerce them into early marriage. In order to counteracting against such vicious practices, CEDAR's local partner has been teaching proper values to young people. However, parnter's staff and volunteers have recently received threats from certain enraged followers of other religions in the community, putting their personal safety at risk.

Pray for the project:

  • Pray that God will grant strength and wisdom to partner's staff and volunteers to deal with the threat;
  • Pray for changes in the perspectives and attitude of the parents and guardians;
  • Pray that religious leaders and other people of influence in the community will be active in tackling and resolving the social problems of early marriage and wife abuse.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2652 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2652 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Myanmar Children Ministry There are a growing number of human trafficking incidents in the country; victims are mostly children and young adults. Yearning for job opportunities and lacking a sense of crisis, communities in rural area are easy targets for criminals. Recently a man came to partner FCDC girls’ house, claiming to be the relative of a girl and want to take her back to her home village. Partner staff informed local police and village leaders, alerting them to watch out for suspicious people or human traffickers.

Pray for the project:

  • The children home has now arranged 5 staff members or volunteers to accompany the children to schools. Pray that they may have strength to protect the children;
  • Local government officials have already put all schools and families on alert. Pray that God will protect the children and young adults.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2651 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2651 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Ethiopia Children Ministry Give thanks that 5 self-help groups have been formed and enjoy a good dynamic since our partner AAGC has added this new element in the project design for empowering the parents in the communities. They are working hard to save money and encouraging each other to do so.

Pray for the project:

  • Pray that these self-help groups will continue to grow and be able to start loaning and income generating activities soon;
  • Pray also for the staff as they need to facilitate the formation of other groups and to train the current groups. 
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2640 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2640 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Ministry in Gansu Farmers are still going to grow potatoes although they can only make little profit, given the low potato price. Villagers have shown their love and care to each other by giving flour and oil to the poor families. Loans given to 46 households have been returned in 2011. Besides, election of new committee members of the handicraft group will be held.

Pray for the project:

  • Give thanks for the good progress of goat raising project last year and pray for selection process of new families for raising goats. Pray also that farmers can improve their goat raising skills and are willing to share young goats with each other;
  • Pray for purchase of potato seeds and other preparations.
  • Pray also for the giving and use of loans in March, and the arrangement and process of new committee member election for the handicraft group.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2639 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2639 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Integrated Community Development Project in India A few self-help groups under partner SCOPE's project in Bolangir district have been experiencing conflicts over loan repayment, requiring partner staff to intervene and moderate. The farmer group was happy to receive training in new agricultural skills. However, the outcome was not satisfactory due to drought and flood. Partner hopes to have access to the most updated information on the development field to raise the standard of project quality.

Pray for Project:

  • Pray for wisdom in managing the conflict;
  • Pray as SCOPE is nurturing the second generation leadership. 
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2632 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2632 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Community Health Project in Shanxi This year the government requested partner Shanxi Evergreen Service (SES) to start a community-based mental health management project. Two rehabilitation therapists were arranged to serve the children at local orphanages & stroke patients in community health centre respectively. More projects will be launched later. There were staff & leadership changes at SES. A new team has been established.

Pray for Project:

  • Pray for good team work & collaboration with local officials & various health bureaux;
  • Pray for His guidance on project development to serve communities in new frontiers.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2631 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2631 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Appeal on Humanitarian Relief to Displaced Kachin along Sino-Burmese Border A 17-year ceasefire between Myanmar government forces and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) was broken in June, and the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) along the Burmese-Chinese border has been risen to 50,000 with very limited access to humanitarian assistance, taking toll on the young and elderly in this rugged mountainous terrain. Another 25,000 have crossed over to Yunnan of China to seek refuge. In such desperate situation, CEDAR supports local church partners in Kachin State, Myanmar and Yunnan to deliver emergency relief supplies to over 10,000 refugees. Please click here for details and give assistance through financial support.

Pray for Displaced Kachin

  • Pray that the relief supplies provided by CEDAR's partners can help the refugees to keep warm, full and safe during winter;
  • Pray for the allowance (approval?) to greater access and assistance from international aid agencies in Kachin State;
  • Pray that a peace agreement between the Burmese government and ethnic armed groups can be reached soon.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2619 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2619 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Ministry in Lesotho "Things are very tough financially as the prices of everything go up." Lesotho partner Joy to the World said.  The risen prices had mae the lives of people in Lesotho even harder, and have seriously affected the daily operation of partner's school and girls' hostel, especially food provision to students and girls. For their Moteng farming project, a lady village chief is now helping to network and facilitate the various project activities. However the unexpected cold weather and low rainfall is rendering farming more difficult there.

Pray for the Project

  • Pray for God's grace and strength upon partner during this difficult time;
  • Give thanks for the help of the lady village chief in farming project;
  • Pray for good weather and plenty rainfall for farming.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2618 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2618 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Street Boy’s Centres in Sudan Since the establishment of the Republic of Southern Sudan, many boys have left the centre and returned to Southern Sudan. Praise God for all the new boys who have joined the centre this year. They are settling well and are making good progress. Thank God for the new staff members as they have formed good relationship with each other and the boys. Partner is also thankful for God’s protection of the Renk centre in the midst of all the border conflicts and difficulties. 
Pray for CEDAR:

1. Pray for all the boys, including those who are currently at the centre and those who have grown up and left for the Republic of Southern Sudan, that God will provide for their physical and spiritual needs.
2. Pray for the coming Saturday’s Christmas celebration in Omdurman and Geraf centre.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2607 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2607 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Micah Challenge Campaign in the Philippines Micah Challenge continuously monitors the progress of implementing good governance, one of the MDGs, across all nations. In the Philippines, poverty, poor family relationships and peer pressure are factors that cause some children to commit criminal acts. Children as young as eleven years old were involved in not just petty crimes but serious offenses such as murder and sexual abuse of other younger children. Those living in the streets are used by gangsters. There are ongoing debates and studies on the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 (Republic Act No. 9344) with suggestion to amend the law to include children as young as nine to keep the syndicates from taking advantage of existing law regarding minimum legal age of accountability.

Pray for CEDAR:

1. Pray that government would seriously implement juvenile justice by closely counselling and rehabilitating children who had committed criminal acts.
2. Pray that police and judicial department would double their efforts in cracking down and penalising syndicates that take advantage of the underprivileged youth and their situation.
3. Pray that the children of today will find role models among national leaders to inspire them to become good, responsible and productive citizens.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2606 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2606 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Conflicts displace Burnese along Sino-Burmese border Continual fighting between Burmese government troops and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) has created a growing number of refugees along the Sino-Burmese border. The number has increased to 40,000 while most are seeking shelter along the border or in urban areas of Myitkyina and Bhamo. Another 25,000 have crossed over to Yunnan side to seek refuge.
Pray for CEDAR:

1. CEDAR is planning to help the refugees both in Myanmar and China. Pray for the cooperative plan with different partners.
2. Pray for Christians in Yunnan especially Yingjiang city as they collect warm clothes, food and medicine. Among refugees, many are pregnant women and young children. Please pray for their safety.
3. Pray that a peace agreement between the Burmese government and ethnic armed groups can be reached soon.   

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2603 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2603 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Nepal's recent situation Reently, a bomb exploded in front of Partner UMN office which caused minor damage. An extremist pro-Hindu underground organisation claimed responsibility. Discontent may stem from Nepal abolishing Hinduism as the state religion in 2006 which resulted in increase violence against Christians ever since. The bombing has caused shock, fear and insecurity among Christians.

Pray for CEDAR:

1. Pray for peace and harmony among different religious groups in Nepal.
2. Pray for safety of the staff of UMN  and other Christian organisations and that they can continue to serve the needy in peace under God’s protection.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2602 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2602 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Haiti Earthquake Relief Work Partner MAP’s Total Health Village programme has been delayed due to cholera outbreak, typhoon and presidential election although assessment has been completed. The influx of a multitude of relief and rehabilitation agencies into the country and the wide coverage by TV media has caused unrealistic expectations among the people and even serious outbursts of violence, making it difficult for aid and relief workers to function in some areas without proper security arrangements.

Pray for the relief and rehabilitation work:

  • Pray for the village development committee that they will understand their role as leaders in charge of the whole implementation process of the programme.
  • Pray for the launch of Total Village Health in three villages by our partner MAP.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2591 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2591 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Community Mobilisation in Yunnan New proposal for Leprosy Awareness and Community Mobilisation (2012-2014) in Diqing Prefecture is awaiting approval. The deep-rooted social stigma and prejudice has turned many from seeking medical treatments for their leprosy which is curable at an early stage. The delay allows the disease to progress into an incurable stage, leaving patients with, at the very least, permanent scarring. CEDAR is planning to raise awareness of leprosy among the local communities and to mobilise them to advocate for and to support those affected by leprosy. 

Pray for CEDAR:

  • Pray for CEDAR’s partnership with Leprosy Mission (TLM) and the local authority in mobilising the community and serving those affected by leprosy.
  • Pray also that those affected by leprosy may receive proper and timely treatments and that they will be free from the community’s discrimination.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2590 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2590 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
School Aid Programme in Afghanistan The weakness of the Afghanistan’s central government in providing security and effective governance has negatively affected the country ‘s development and economic growth. One teacher has recently been killed by theTaliban in front of the school before the eyes of the students, causing much fear. The school is one of the two schools supported by partner DARMAN.

Pray for CEDAR:

  • Pray for the good governance of  Afghanistan government.
  • Pray for safety and future of the two schools run by partner.
  • Partner is facing fund shortages in all their programme activities. Pray for God's provision and that villagers and parents can come up with means to support the daily operation and teachers salaries.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2584 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2584 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Teacher Training Project in South Sudan The new country of South Sudan became fully independent on 9 July this year. All the students selected by partner ACROSS under CEDAR's sponsorship are working hard to keep up with their studies on teacher training. Two more ladies of the first batch of sponsored students have to defer their studies for a year. It reflects the ongoing challenge of women’s education. In many schools there are no woman teachers to manage girls’ issues leading to the low enrollment of girls in these schools, and above all, there is a high rate of drop outs due to ignorance of the communities on the importance of education for girls. 

Pray for CEDAR:

  • Pray for a change in attitude and more girls may go to school.
  • Pray for the long-lasting peace in South Sudan. Pray for the many development priorities including education.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2583 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2583 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Lesotho Moteng Farming Project It is spring time now in Lesotho and the farmers are working hard on their fields. This year, farmers benefitted by partner's project will use "Farming God's Way" techniques which they learnt in a training organised by partner last winter. However, there has not been enough rain to facilitate farming activities. Besides, a new project manager will join the team and manage the project.

Pray for CEDAR:

  • Pray for adequate rain and farmers will be able to use Farming God's Way effectively.
  • Pray for the new project manager as she settled in the new job duties.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2574 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2574 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Cambodia EFC Celebrating Children Course CEDAR's partner EFCCC had been running the "Celebrating Children Course" to train pastors and children helpers in Cambodia, teaching them biblical instructions on children, basic rights and ministry techniques. Initially, partner planned to start an advanced diploma course in July this year; however the enrollment was not satisfactory since some of the applicants could not meet the criteria or could not confirm their availability. Thus, the course is deferred to 2012.

Pray for CEDAR:

  • Pray for God's guidance that more committed people will enroll in the course in the coming months.
  • Pray for the project staff as they need to reschedule the project activities.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2573 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2573 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Hubei Organic Farming Due to the hot weather in August, summer vegetable did not grow well and pest-related problems were serious. Project farm workers started to plant autumn vegetable in September and worked very hard to control the pests. They hired more workers the last 2 months to ease the tension of labour shortage at the farm. They have also been exploring opportunities with different organisations or companies in regard to marketing and sales.

Pray for CEDAR:

  • Pray for good harvest in autumn;
  • Pray that farm workers and newly hired labourers will work together harmoniously;
  • Pray that CEDAR will secure good marketing and sales partners
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2563 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2563 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Integrated Community Outreach Project in India Praise God that partner's Discipleship Centre project is in good progress. Since the women group (Mahila Mandal in local language) was registered, they have been fighting on behalf of their community for more resources from the local government. They succeed in establishing garbage collection points, helping 50 people to get old age pension, and solving 6 domestic violence cases.
Pray for CEDAR:

  • Pray for strengthening of the women group's capacity and for good team work to serve the community.
  • Pray for DC staff for their wisdom and ability to carry out the project.
  • Pray for skill training programme for boys as DC has to continue exploring good skill training which fits the need of these boys best.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2562 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2562 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Afghanistan Community Health Project Give thanks that family members and Self-help groups are increasingly supportive to female Community Health workers who are training young women and mothers in preventative health and basic literacy through home-based groups. Since the project has gained good reputation, it is now easier for women to receive permission from their husbands or senior male members at home to engage in the project. Meanwhile, there has been increase in migration and congestion in certain cities during the last six months as various problems such as security, economy and IDPs occur.

Pray for the project:

  • Pray as insecurity, budget restriction and termination of project activities are big concerns for the project staff.
  • Pray as partner SERVE is focusing on strategy implementation for sustainable community development.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2548 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2548 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
India ICD Project Continuous rains have resulted in flood in some areas in Bolangir. Many houses have been submerged under water and crops have been destroyed. 500 tribal families in partner EFICOR’s project target area have been affected. There is also a likelihood of malaria outbreak in waterlogged villages. In contrast, certain areas in the district are experiencing drought.

Pray for the Project:

  • Please pray for God’s protection for the communities.
  • Pray for partner's staff, Bolangir ICD project staff and their families for good health and for God’s guidance in their work.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2547 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2547 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
East Africa Drought Relief The drought and the resulting famine have struck 12.4 million people at present in the areas like Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia in Horn of Africa, East Africa, with 4.8 million people affected in Ethiopia. Apart from CRWRC, CEDAR supports Integra Foundation, also a member of Integral Alliance, who plans to help the affected people in Borena zone, Oromia province, Ethiopia. Please click here for details.

Pray for the victims and relief work:

  • Pray for the health and lives of people affected by the drought and famine in East Africa.
  • Pray that Integral Alliance's local partner and other relief agencies will provide timely medical and health care assistance to keep the victims away from threats of communicable diseases and epidemics.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2537 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2537 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Enterprise Development Programme for Women in Nepal Give thanks for the women who were able to start a small business. Members in women’s groups are expected to get more support and assistance. At UMN, a number of staff have recently been recruited. Among them, several are assigned to serve in related programme, and partner is assessing the feasibility of introducing macro community enterprise development programmes.

Pray for the Project:

  • Pray that all members in women’s groups may receive financial, social and personal support. 
  • Pray for the new staff’s adaptation and learning about partner’s work.   
  • Pray also for Enterprise Development’s direction in starting new programme.


http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2536 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2536 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Pakistan Flood Response – One year after The 2010 floods in Pakistan affected some 18 million people and saw one-fifth of the county submerged by flood water. CEDAR's partner Tearfund UK drew up a three year strategy to respond to both the immediate needs and to provide a longer term response to address some of the underlying issues which contributed to people's vulnerability to the floods. In the past year, Tearfund and local Christian organisations implemented different emergency relief projects, such as water and sanitation, construction of shelters, food security projects, etc., in Punjab, Sindh and KPK Provinces. Despite tremendous progress having been made, many families continue to be in need of assistance. Partner will continue to target the most marginalised and vulnerable sectors of Pakistani society. For details, please click here.

Pray for Project:

  • Pray for peace in the heart of survivors as many of them are still traumatised from last year's floods.
  • Pray that the work of partners will continue to care for and suit to people's physical and psychological needs.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2522 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2522 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Ministry in Lesotho Dr Rohini Knight from Lesotho's partner Joy To The World visited Hong Kong recently, seeing old friends as well as making new acquaintances. CEDAR currently supports their food security project in Moteng. Villagers in Moteng attended a training on Farming God's Way1 and they will use the skills on their farms, hoping to have a more abundant harvest this coming year. It will be spring time soon and farmers are preparing their land. Partner also needs to set up a demo farm. Good weather is an important factor for a good harvest. However, the weather has been very unpredictable. It was very dry before the area was hit by heavy rain, hail and frost.

Pray for the Project:

  • Pray for all the new network and connections Dr Rohini Knight made in Hong Kong and that God will raise up more people to partner with her in Lesotho. 
  • Pray for farmers of the Moteng food security project that they will experience stable and good weather.  
  • Pray for selection of farming households to participate in the food security project and for the setup of a demo farm.  

1 This is a program originally developed in Zimbabwe that uses scientifically sound, no-till agricultural techniques combined with strong biblical teaching to radically transform farming practices and bring hope to farmers.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2521 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2521 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Animal Husbandry Project at the Border of Burma & Thailand Give thanks for partner MMF new initiative to launch of a community-based livestock- veterinary volunteers programme that targets 50 tribal/ ethnic communities in North Thailand and Myanmar with the purpose to achieve economic development through improving animal health & livestock production. Praise God for the co-operation between church groups & agencies that can give technical support to make this happen. 

Pray for Project:

  • For physical health of one experienced veterinary trainer who was previously under chemo treatment. 
  • May God send in right donors who have the vision & commitment for tribal communities, cross-border ministries and animal health programme.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2516 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2516 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Project in Sichuan Villagers successfully planted 23 mu (Chinese acre) of young plants in the project site of Longquan township in Xuanhan in April for reducing the risk of landslide. Sincethere was the positive response of a teacher training on DRR in March, three schools will arrange evacuation drill in early September. Sichuan team will further explore the arrangement of second-round teacher training, where methods to deal with epidemics will be added.

Pray for Project:

  • Pray that the young plants grow well, given heavy rain and high temperature.
  • Pray for the cooperation with the schools and that the project benefits can be extended.


http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2515 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2515 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
East Africa Drought Relief The worst drought in 60 years and the resulting famine have devastated areas like Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa, East Africa. More than 11.5 million people urgently need humanitarian and food aid. CEDAR supports our partner CRWRC, a member of Integral Alliance, who plans to help affected people in 10 districts in Kenya by providing food like maize and split peas as well as other non-food items. Please click here for details.

Pray for the victims and relief work:

  • Pray that food supply to the affecrted region in East Africa may be secured for feeding the people. 
  • May God keep the refugees out of harm’s way. 
  • Pray that Integral Alliance's local partner and other relief agencies will provide effective and timely aids, together with plans for securing food supply and disaster risk reduction.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2505 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2505 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Philippines Ministry A landslide recently hit a project site in Gumitan village, operated by CEDAR’s partner Tribal Mission Foundation International (TMFI). Almost thirty farm owners were affected by rain that has lasted for almost a month. The fruits trees  planted at the foot of the hills 8 years ago, which were just starting to bear fruits, are now ruined by the landslide. Farmers also planted upland rice with a harvest expected  this August. Food shortage however, is expected to hit in the coming months.

Pray for the projects:

  • Pray for the 30 families affected by the landslide and the farmers who have lost their fruit trees and rice crops.
  • Pray for the fathers/husband from these affected families who need to seek jobs in the city for livelihood.
  • Pray that CEDAR’s partner TMFI may find the best way to respond and pray for God's provision of resources.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2504 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2504 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Hubei Organic Farming Project: Frequent heavy rainfall coupled with high temperature during early summer in Wuhan creates an overheated and highly humid environment inside the vegetable greenhouses. This condition caused the rise of disease which brings tremendous challenges to organic farming. Staff members and farm workers in the organic farm are already overloaded with work—The six greenhouse workers & three staff members not only have to tend to the vegetables in the 40 greenhouses but also have to take care of associated managerial and sales responsibilities.

Pray for the projects:

  • Pray that God will grant us wisdom to look for an effective method to control the temperature and humidity in the greenhouses. 
  • Pray also that we may secure suitable helpers to lighten the workload of the team. 
  • Pray that the staff may locate markets and obtain methods to handle the produces.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2483 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2483 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Zimbabwe FACT AIDS Orphans Caring Project It is now winter time in Zimbabwe and people are susceptible to cold and flu. Some children are preparing to sit for mid-term examinations and 5 are going to write secondary school gruadation examinations. The Internal Saving and Lending groups have just been established and parents who have joined these groups will receive capital to start small business soon.

Pray for the projects:

  • Pray also for health among all the families.
  • Pray for wisdom for children in coping with school curricula and examinations.
  • Pray for unity, peace and cooperation among Internal Saving and Lending groups.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2482 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2482 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Northern Thailand Migrant Labourers Rights Project ]]> Partner MMF will establish a strategic plan for next 3-5 years starting in 2012. Many Burmese migrants are unable to communicate in hospitals due to language barriers. Migrant women and children sometimes face many conflicts since the former stay with their husbands at construction sites.

Pray for partner’s preparation & planning process of the strategic plan, situations of those Burmese migrants with language barriers and harmony within the migrant community.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2462 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2462 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Yunnan Ministry The opening ceremony of the first official church in Changning county will be held on July 8. The Lisu church provides literacy classes to Lisu people in the mountainous area in Baoshan who have yet to acquire legal resident status.  The Wa church in Gengma helps the HIV-affected children to apply for subsidies from the local Women Federation.

Give thanks for the establishment of the first church in Changning. Pray for the Lisu who are still without legal status and that the HIV affected children may obtain subsidies.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2461 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2461 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Japan Earthquake Relief On 11 March 2011, a devastating 9.0-magnitude earthquake hit the City of Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture, north-east Honshu, Japan, triggering a 10m tsunami wave which resulted in heavy casualties and huge economic loss. In the first two months after the quake, partner ADRA distributed food and non-food items, removed debris and mud, etc. in Sendai, Watari and Yamamoto. Partner's future mid term response plans include procurement and delivery of household material and furniture for the families living in shelter homes in Miyagi Prefecture. Please click here for details.

Continue to pray for the physical and spiritual needs of quake survivors, and for the post-disaster rehabilitation works there.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2447 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2447 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Anti-corruption Programme in the Philippines  
Pray for local church leaders' readiness to engage in promoting the anti-corruption programme, for a new training officer and for the coalition to achieve financial sustainability.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2446 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2446 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Clashes in Northern Sudan Intensified Aerial bombardments, killings of civilians and house-to-house searches are escalating in the Northern Sudanese state of Southern Kordofan. The UN OCHA estimates that some 53,000 people have been displaced by intense fighting between the Northern army, the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and former members of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA), which is now the official army of the South. Fighting brings horrific killings and causes long-term impact on food supply. [IRIN, UN News]

Pray for peace in Sudan in the transitional period before 9 July, the day when the new nation of the Republic of South Sudan come into existence.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2445 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2445 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Stop Practice of 'Son Preference' Sex selection in favour of boys is a common practice in many parts of Asia. It is a symptom of pervasive social, cultural, political and economic injustices against women, and a manifest violation of women's human rights. Over decades, many women tried to avoid unwanted girl child by abortion, child neglect and infanticide under huge pressure, and forced to bear the consequences of giving birth to an unwanted girl child, such as violence, abandonment, divorce or even death. [UN News]

Pray for renewed efforts to end practice of  'son preference' and every kind of injustices against women.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2444 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2444 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Tornado Relief in Bangladesh A powerful tornado struck seven districts in northern Bangladesh in early April. At least 12 people were killed and more than 150 injured as the tornado destroyed hundreds of homes and uprooted large swaths of vegetation. Partner KOINONIA plans to provide non-food relief items to 132 indigenous families with the help of Garo Baptist Convention.

Pray for the affected families and partner’s effective emergency response. 

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2439 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2439 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Myanmar Ministry Praise God for a fruitful time of learning, assessment and fellowship with local partners and potential communities. Pray for God's guidance as CEDAR maps out a country plan of involvement for the next 4 years, particularly in supporting ethnic people to gain access to land, improvement of livelihood and management of resources. Many children in remote areas still have no access to schooling opportunity.

Pray as local church partners strive to provide a safe and secure place to accommodate children from far flung and unstable areas to attend school.   

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2438 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2438 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Transition to Democracy in the Arab Nations UN stressed the need to ensure that the “promising” first steps taken by some countries in the Middle East and North Africa in response to calls for reform are followed up with measures to ensure a sustainable transition to democracy. The necessary reforms include transitional justice processes, impartial judiciary, effective national human rights institutions and etc., so that they act as guarantors of the rule of law. [UNnews]

Pray that the people in the Arab nations can find appropriate direction for political reform, establish a just governance system, so that their livelihood can be improved and their rights secured.   

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2437 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2437 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Drought in Northern Hemisphere Intensifies Global Food Crisis Europe is hit by the worst drought in 35 years; shortage of fodder for husbandry is acute. Adverse weather in the southern part of the US, the largest wheat export country, is threatening the harvest of winter wheat . The outbreak of a new global food crisis may be imminent. FAO warned that the coming weeks are crucial. If drought and dry weather persists, it may trigger further unrest in developing countries. In China, regions along mid and lower stream of Yangtze River have also been suffering from drought, affecting the production of rice and vegetables. [Guardian] [China Daily]

Pray that God will give rain to soothe the drought and food crisis. Pray for sufficient food for the poor communities and that societies will remain stable. 

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2436 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2436 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Mobile Clinic and Health Project in Indonesia Praise God for keeping the staff of partner MAP safe as they travel to remote islands for project work during windy season. Pray for strength for the staff as the travel is quite tough. Pray that health education classes would inspire the community to change their old unhygienic health habits. Praise God that there have been a few times that people come to know the Lord through the project visit of the staff.

Pray that more people would experience transformation through MAP project.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2426 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2426 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
AIDS Orphan Caring Programme in Kenya Praise God that partner Faraja's clinic has reached a large number of community people in providing medical services as well as HIV/AIDS testing and counselling. Pray that partner can reach more people through this clinic in next year. Partner is launching trainings for churches to build up their understanding on development concepts and ways to respond to community needs. Pray for fruitful learning.

Pray for partner Faraja as they plan for their ministry direction for the next few years. 

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2425 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2425 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
More Unnecessary C-Sections in India In India, there is an unusual rise in the number of caesarean section (C-sections) but many of them were unwarranted. The national average rate of C-section is higher than the standard of WHO. WHO states that C-sections should be done only as a life-saving measure should risk of fetal or maternal death. However, government doctors and private hospitals prefer C-sections in view of the financial gains or convenience. Activists say forcing women to undergo C-sections violates their human rights and threatens their health.

Pray for the maternal health of women in India. [IPS]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2424 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2424 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Wheat Prices Causes Food Insecurity in Afghanistan The rising cost of imported wheat flour is contributing to food insecurity in Afghanistan because so many urban families rely on it. Insecurity, poor roads and transportation facilities, lack of electricity and a lack of investment are among the major reasons why locally produced wheat is cheap and less attractive to farmers. Thus domestically consumed wheat and wheat flour comes from abroad. If prices rise in foreign markets, it would affect the livelihood of the poor people.

Pray for the food security in Afghanistan. [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2423 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2423 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Sudan Street Boys Ministry The boys at the centres are having their summer programmes. Pray that they will have fruitful learning and fun in various activities. The staff is helping more boys to return to the South. Pray for the logistical arrangement and that the boys will be well treated by their own families/relatives. Continue to pray for those who are eager to return to the South since many of them could not afford paid travelling and they can only hitchhike along the main road.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2413 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2413 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Nepal Community Based Rehabilitation Project Pray for partner PNL as they identify issues faced by people with disability in a new area and for launching of awareness activities there. At the same time partner is preparing to exit from some existing project sites; pray for a smooth transition. Pray for God's provision to meet their financial needs and to raise up more donors to partner with PNL. It has been a difficult year. There is change of staff; pray for God-given strength to take up extra workload by the local team.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2412 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2412 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Asian Women Facing Worse Working Condition ILO] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2411 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2411 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 DPRK People Need Urgent Food Assistance WFP] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2410 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2410 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 India Integrated Community Outreach Project The number of TB patients in partner Discipleship Centre’s project area is increasing but many of them have stopped medication due to poverty. Pray that more patients would receive proper treatment in time. Also pray that 43 drop-out children whom partner is helping will have good performance in the examination in order to enrol in mainstream classes. 25 women have currently joined the adult literacy classes; pray that more women would join.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2397 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2397 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Zimbabwe AIDS Orphans Project Praise God that a girl from partner FACT’s project has got the highest possible score in the A-level exam. Pray that the trainings for different stakeholders in the last two months in encouraging participation and out-reaching to the people in need would be effective and useful. Partner is also helping the parents or guardians of the children to set up saving groups. Pray that they would be able to save more money and improve their living.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2396 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2396 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Child Labour in the Philippines IPS] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2395 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2395 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 High Food Prices Push More People into Poverty World Bank] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2394 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2394 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Japan and Myanmr Earthquakes Relief here to support and pray for the relief works in Japan and the Thai-Burmese border area; and pray for God's guidance on the rehabilitation work. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2380 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2380 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Older Returnees Face Isolation and Poverty in Sri Lanka IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2379 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2379 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Desperate Measures in Times of Hunger in Zimbabwe IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2378 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2378 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Ethiopia Children Ministry Partner AAGC is planning to add new elements like self-help groups in the project design so as to empower the parents in the communities. Pray God for opening doors and follow-up plans. Recently, 56 protestant churches in the south western Ethiopia have been burnt down. Two believers died and about 30,000 believers have been displaced by the Muslim aggressions. AAGC’s work is indirectly affected. Remember the situation and the safety of partner and children. Pray for peace among people of different religions.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2366 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2366 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Quake Relief in Yingjiang, Yunnan Please click here for more snapshots of the relief operation of TPSM/ CCC of Yunnan. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2365 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2365 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Desperate Situation in Libya UNHCR, Reuters]
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2364 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2364 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Abuses of Cambodian Domestic Workers' Rights IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2363 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2363 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Sudan Teacher Training Project Pray for Yei Teacher Training College. There is a huge and urgency to train up more female teachers and tutors; however girls and women do not acquire the support from their families to take the 2 years training programme apart from facing impediment at social and financial dimension. May God send in more female students. South Sudan will be separated from the North Sudan within this year. The building of a new nation is expected to be a long and arduous task. Pray for our partners ACROSS and Yei Teacher College to be beacons of light throughout the entire rebuilding process of South Sudan.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2350 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2350 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Gansu Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2349 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2349 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Women Empowered through Fair Trade WFTO1, WFTO2]
CEDAR invites you to take part in Fair Trade Fortnight which is held between 11-27 March, please click here for details. ]]>
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2348 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2348 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
High Inflation Impacts Poor People in Vietnam IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2347 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2347 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry for Migrants' Right in Northern Thailand http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2337 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2337 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Community Development Programme in Afghanistan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2336 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2336 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Poor Urban Planning Causes Tragedies in Manila IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2335 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2335 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Permafrost Melt Exacerbates Global Warming IPS] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2334 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2334 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Sudan Boys Centre Programme Give thanks that many of the Khartoum based teachers and their families returned to Southern Sudan safely. Pray for the boys who went back to South with their families as they might face difficulties like adaption after returning. Pray also for God's protection and good settlement for the remaining 20 Southern boys who will leave the centre since the schools will close at the end of February.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2330 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2330 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Cambodia Ministry The Thai and Cambodian troops have exchanged fire early February in Preah Vihear Province near borders of both countries for the ownership of the Preah Vihear temple which is listed as a cultural inheritance. Pray for the people living near the border for their safety. Pray that the two countries would agree to have dialogue instead of continued fighting under the help of international organisation. Pray also for situation of the staff of HOPE project who works in Pursat province and people living there as it was reported that the Cambodian troops had entered that province.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2329 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2329 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
New Policy on Sri Lankan Outbound Domestics Government of Sri Lanka announced last month that it was revising the rule to allow only women over 21 instead of 18 to work abroad as domestics. But the new rule does not prevent 18-year-old from seeking other employment overseas as either skilled or semi-skilled workers. Young girls will merely resort to lying about their age since their prospects abroad are jobs as maids. Migrant workers' rights groups are calling for better training of workers abroad and enforcement of Sri Lanka Labour Migration Policy rather than depriving workers a chance to earn a living. Pray for the better protection of Sri Lankans working abroad. [IPS]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2328 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2328 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Floods in Southern Africa Could Lead to Food Shortage Thousands of hectares of agricultural land have been damaged by floods and heavy rains in parts of southern Africa. These areas are at high risk of flooding and more damage may occur due to rainy season and peak cyclone season in February. According to FAO, floods will only further worsen the ability of poor farmers to cope and feed their families in the coming months. FAO is taking part in various flood impact assessments and providing technical advice on flood preparedness, while simultaneously preparing for possible agricultural aid interventions. Pray that flood impact on southern Africa is under control and food supply of poor families is secured. [FAO]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2327 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2327 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Sri Lanka Relief Work http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2322 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2322 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Integrated Community Outreach Programme in India http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2321 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2321 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Rural Women Face Increasing Inequality ILO] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2320 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2320 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Insufficient Vaccine Increases Child Mortality Guardian UK] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2319 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2319 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Afghanistan Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2317 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2317 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Children Ministry in Myanmar http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2309 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2309 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Haiti Earthquake Anniversary UN News]
Please click here for the latest progress of relief and rehabilitation work carried out by CEDAR's partners. ]]>
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2308 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2308 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Water Shortage Affects Herders of Kenya IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2307 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2307 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Sichuan Disaster Risk Reduction Project http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2299 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2299 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Children Education Project in Bangladesh http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2298 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2298 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Discrimination Continues Against Dalits in Nepal IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2297 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2297 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Early Marriage in Niger UNICEF] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2296 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2296 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Cambodia Children Ministry PartnerEFCCC is restructuring their management system aiming at more effective services. Pray for God's guidance on this process. The Celebrating Children Course (CCC) that CEDAR is supporting will be commenced in January, 2011 in Svay Rieng province. Pray for wisdom for the pastors and children ministry workers who participate in this training and that they would have a transformed view about children's rights. Partner is planning to start a level 2 CCC in next July. Pray for all kinds of preparation.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2290 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2290 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Street Boys Ministry in Sudan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2289 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2289 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Domestic Workers' Right Needs Protection in Mideast Foreign domestic workers (FDWs) being abused is prevalent in Middle Eastern countries. Working long hour, having their passports taken away, and being physically and emotionally abused are common. Apart from Jordan, most governments in the Middle East do not have comprehensive labour laws protecting domestic workers. The governments of countries where FDWs originated are relatively powerless to help, since they cannot interfere with the labour practices of foreign countries. Also FDWs may not be aware of the rights to which they are entitled. Pray for accomplishment of the labour laws in Middle East to protect the rights of FDWs. [IPS, IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2288 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2288 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Children at Risks in Pakistan Flooded Area In Pakistan, the cold will sharply increase the numbers of acute respiratory infections and exacerbate high rates of malnutrition, which are two of the biggest killers of children. Children in flood-hit areas risked pneumonia as winter set in. There is also a shortage of food which means children are going hungry, increasing their vulnerability to pneumonia and other diseases. According to an officer from WHO, fund and resources for providing medical care have been scarce. Pray for the pressing need of children in flood-stricken Pakistan. [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2287 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2287 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Environmental Sustainability Project in India ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2283 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2283 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Kenya http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2282 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2282 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Re-inforcing AIDS Prevention for Next Generation A joint UN report on Children and AIDS warns that millions of women and children are hardest hit by HIV/AIDS due to inequities rooted in gender, economic status, geographical location, education level and social status. The report urged all nations to step up efforts to achieve an AIDS free generation by protecting the most marginalised members of society. Pray that all countries seek to attain the goal. [UN

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2281 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2281 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Nepal will Launch School Initiative Countrywide With support from United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and other donors,Nepal introduced the Welcome to School (WTS) initiative in 2004. Since then, net primary school enrolment rose from 70% in 1996 to around 94% in 2010. However, there is still more than 20 percent of students drop out at the primary level. The WTS campaign’s focus follows the communities’ needs in order to get out-of-school children in school, especially girls and those from disadvantaged community. The Nepal government will launch WTS in all 75 districts in 2011. Pray that more children in Nepal are able to have access to schooling. [IPS]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2280 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2280 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Ministry in Gansu, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2272 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2272 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Children Ministry in Myanmar http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2271 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2271 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Haiti Violence Hampering Cholera Response IRIN(1), IRIN(2)] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2270 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2270 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Laos Aims at Eradication of UXOs IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2269 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2269 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Afghanistan Give thanks that partner IAM's Community Based Rehabilitation(CBR) services are reaching more people with disability (PWD) from distant and poorer areas. However, ability of these clients to pay the services or their transport costs is limited. Pray for a breakthrough in this. This year, the disability committees in 4 villages/areas are functioning and new ones are forming; pray that these committees can effectively follow up PWD in their villages and speak out for their rights and needs. Pray for the security in the area and for the ongoing training of fieldworkers and for God's provision to meet the coming year programme budget. 

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2259 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2259 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami Relief An earthquake hit Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra on Oct 25. It triggered a tsunami which caused further destruction to some of the affected villages. Pray for survivors that the Lord comforts them in their time of grief and to send in the right people to meet all their physical and emotional needs. Partner World Relief is planning to provide relief help to 5 very remote villages where people have yet received any assistance; pray for the logistic arrangement as access to these villages are very difficult due to their remoteness and damages caused by the tsunami. Pray for strength of staff and local volunteers as they carry out the assessment in such difficult situation; also for good weather and staff safety in travelling. For the related relief appeal, please click here.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2258 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2258 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Burmese Refugees Hold Little Hope for Election On 7 Nov, Myanmar is holding an election for the first time in 20 years, but Burmese refugees in Thailand say the polls will not change anything back home and only strengthen the military government. The military junta who rules since 1962, has launched military offensives against armed ethnic minority groups and civilians, leading to refugee waves. Near 150,000 refugees are now living in camps in western Thailand. Fearing they will be repatriated, some refugees have even left the camps to blend in with the million-plus other Burmese in Thailand. Pray for a peaceful and just election in Myanmar. Remember the people in the country and the refugees on the border. [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2257 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2257 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Polio Immunisation in Africa WHO] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2256 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2256 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Street Boys Ministry in Sudan Praise God that two young men,who had been taken care by partner for a number of years have now completed their university studies. In addition, seven boys who were previously separated from their family because of local conflicts have successfully reunited with their relatives or immediate families; pray that they can be kept safe due to instability in the area. Partner will send some boys originally from southern Sudan back home due to the uncertainty of the upcoming referendum election in January 2011 to determine whether southern Sudan will be independent from the northern Sudan. Pray for the wisdom and God's guidance upon partner for every arrangement and planning.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2242 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2242 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Ministry in Nepal Pray for partner Share & Care Nepal new plan to start a new women empowerment project in 2 new village development committees (VDCs) located in Makwanpur district. Partner is planning to conduct in-depth assessments of the new VDCs. Pray for God's guidance and wisdom and that this new project can target one of the most marginalised ethnic groups in the area. Also, pray for good coordination and relationship building between partner and local churches; that partner will be able to mobilize churches to participate to serve the marginalised communities nearby.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2241 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2241 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
City Dwellers are Vulnerable to Disasters in Poor Asian Countries Kathmandu of Nepal, Dhaka of Bangladesh in Asia are some of the most dangerous cities to live if natural disaster strikes. With so many people migrating to cities, many of the most vulnerable urban populations settle in the more disaster-prone areas. Pray for the infrastructure, land-planning and the size of informal settlement, which are the biggest factors determining the impact of disasters on cities, be improved, and hence the underprivileged in those cities will be protected. [IRIN] [IRCS]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2240 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2240 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Maternal Care Needs Improvement in Sierra Leone IPS] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2239 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2239 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 India Integrated Community Development Project http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2233 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2233 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Sichuan Disaster Risk Reduction Project http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2232 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2232 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Children at risk in Somalia As fighting continues in the capital, Mogadishu, and in other parts of the central southern regions of the country, violations of children’s rights in Somalia are taking place on a daily basis by various parties with almost full impunity. Children do not have access to basic services and their lives are directly threatened. An entire generation is growing up knowing only conflict. The level and scale of grave violations against children in Somalia have been increasing over the past few years, including the use and recruitment of children in the armed conflict and the killing and maiming of children. Pray for protection of children in Somalia and the NGOs’ work to prevent violation against children. [UNICEF]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2231 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2231 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Upcoming monsoon threaten returnees of Sri Lanka The upcoming monsoon rains from November through February could spell trouble for thousands of returnees to conflict-affected northern Sri Lanka. More than 200,000 returnees now live under transitional or emergency shelter, including tents and tarpaulins, after the defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in May 2009. The shelters are too poor and cannot withstand the strong winds and heavy rains but they don’t have resources to strengthen them. The monsoon will exacerbate their plight. Pray for prompt actions of government to mitigate the monsoon impact. [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2230 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2230 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Community Development Programme in Afghanistan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2220 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2220 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Northern Thailand http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2219 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2219 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Remember the Needs of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe suffers from the deprivations of poverty for years: 1.6 million Zimbabweans still need food aid, 33% of children under five are chronically malnourished, around 50 per cent of the 13 million population don’t have access to clean drinking water, and basic infrastructure remains in a poor state due to lack of investment. Christian organisations therefore initiate LoveZim International Prayer Day on 26 September and invite churches in Zimbabwe and Christians all around the world to join in prayer for the transformation of Zimbabwe from poverty, hunger and dependency to profitability, health and sustainability. [Tearfund] [LoveZim]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2218 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2218 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Superstition Undermines Maternal Health in the Philippines Superstitious beliefs and untrained medical practices expose pre-natal mothers to infection and put both them and their baby at risk in the Philippines. An estimated six out of 10 births take place at home under the supervision of a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA), and only 44 percent of births occur in health facilities. According to the UN population Fund (UNFPA), on equivalent, there are 11 women dying each day from pregnancy and childbirth complications in the Philppines. Pray that maternal health of Filipino women can be guaranteed. [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2217 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2217 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Advocacy on Corruption in the Philippines http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2209 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2209 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Children Ministry in Zimbabwe http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2208 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2208 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Food Crisis in Western Sahel Sahel is facing one of the worst food and nutrition crises in recent years because of a major drop in cereal production and poor pastoral conditions due to failed rains and a dangerous combination of poverty and high food prices. Some 10 million people in Niger, Chad, Mali and Mauritania are at risk of hunger before the next harvest in late September; hundreds of thousands of children are severely malnourished. Pray that UN agencies, NGOs and governments will have sufficient funding and good coordination on bringing food aid. [IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2207 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2207 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Needs of Stressed Children in Sri Lanka IRIN, SRCD] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2206 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2206 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry for disabled in Nepal Partner PNL is going through a difficult financial situation as they are losing regular donors; some staffs were laid off.  Partner wants to apply a more holistic approach by involving local churches in projects so that spiritual message and nurturing can be given to families of  disabled people. Also, PNL will like to expand their work in new areas as many communities are in need of partner’s service. Pray for God’s guidance in their planning and that partner can connect with more new donors.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2188 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2188 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Ministry in DR Congo Pray for safety, protection for partner CME as they continue to provide vital medical services, treatment and counseling to IDPs. The Congo Army has been tracking Ugandans rebels since June resulted in more IDPs in the region. Pray as international NGOs provide essential food & drugs. This week UN voices outrage at a mass rape by rebels with at least 154 civilians from 13 villages in North Kivu were raped and many homes looted. Pray that the perpetrators be brought to justice.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2187 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2187 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Repeal of Anti-leprosy laws UN experts have urged the repeal of all laws discriminating against people affected by leprosy, which has been eliminated as a public health problem in most countries but still carries a strong social stigma. A set of principles and guidelines has been drafted recommending that the states of all nations enact laws to ensure that those affected by leprosy and their family members do not suffer discrimination in employment, health, marriage, and the use of public utilities and places. Pray for those with leprosy that they are not deprived of human rights and they can live with dignity. [UN News]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2186 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2186 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Rehabilitation Work of Cyclone in Myanmar is hampered Myanmar's government has suddenly announced to end centralised coordination of the response to Cyclone Nargis, which in 2008 devastated the Delta region, leaving tens of thousands of families without adequate shelter two years later. Furthermore, no Nargis-related visas would be extended, which allowed aid workers fairly easy access to the affected areas to support post-Nargis recovery efforts. Rehabilitation work is then hampered. Pray that the acute needs in the affected areas are met. [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2185 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2185 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Ministry in Bangladesh http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2175 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2175 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Afghanistan Early August, 2010, ten IAM staff bringing medical services to remote villages were killed by a group of armed people on their journey back to Kabul after conducting a two-week eye camp in Nuristan. Pray for God's comfort on the relatives and friends of the victims. Pray for the leadership team of IAM, for strength and wisdom to lead the organisation. Pray for the work of NOOR eye care programme as they lost two of their four international staff at the slaughter. Pray for safety and security of IAM national and international members as their services/ programmes cover quite a vast area in Afghanistan.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2174 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2174 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Severe flood in Pakistan The flood in Pakistan, August, 2010, the worst in the region in 80 years, has been killing more than 1,600 people, forcing 2 million from their homes and disrupting the lives of about 14 million people. Countless villages and farms have been inundated, crops destroyed and livestock lost. UN warns there may be a second wave of death caused by diseases and food shortages unless help arrived quickly. Please keep praying for dissipation of flood and implementation of relief work in Pakistan. [Reuters]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2173 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2173 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Unemployment and working poor among youth exacerbate According to a new report by ILO, the global youth unemployment rate is at a record high 13% in 2009 due to global economic downturn. 81 millions youth aged between 15-24 were out of work. The effects of the economic and financial crisis also exacerbate the situation of working poverty among young people. In 2008, nearly 30 per cent of all of the world’s young workers were employed but remained mired in extreme poverty in households surviving on less than $1.25 per day. Pray for effective measures by Governments to help young people get a decent job. [UN News]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2172 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2172 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Philippines Tribal People Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2160 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2160 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Community Health and Development Work in Nepal Pray for partner Shanti Nepal as they setup a new project of establishing a community health clinic at Bhaltar community in Makwanpur district. The project came out with the vision of six local churches. Pray also for the recruitment of committed and matured Christian staffs and health workers in the later stage. The Executive Director of our partner is now studying at Bangkok for the Doctorate in Public Health. Pray for his study and smooth operation of the organisation during his absence.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2159 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2159 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Depression, Poverty and Suicide in Pakistan Poverty not only makes people more vulnerable to depression, it also limits their means to seek help once they feel cornered. There were some 1,393 cases of suicide in this country in 2009. Severe financial problems were the reason cited in most of the cases. Many cases are those who were not poor but were pushed into a situation of poverty under globalisation, the change of their circumstances and consumption patterns are psychologically damaging. Pray for the setting up of mental-health programmes to provide timely-treatment to the poor. [IPS]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2158 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2158 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Uzbeks’s safety still in threat in Kyrgyzstan Security forces have begun taking measures to prevent further unrest, following clashes between Uzbeks and Kyrgyz in southern Kyrgyzstan. However, there are many reports of abuses of power by law enforcement officials, intimidation and arbitrary detentions of ethnic Uzbeks. Meanwhile, local authorities were "routinely turning a blind eye" to the abuses. Besides, few thousands people had been hospitalised and injured. The lack of access to medical care for ethnic Uzbeks continues to be a problem because of threats and the presence of men in military gear at public health facilities. Pray for the protection and provision of the Uzbeks refugees.[IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2157 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2157 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Integrated Community Development in India http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2143 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2143 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Women Ministry in Cambodia Partner Hagar serves women who have previously suffered from trafficking or domestic violence. Pray for them as they learn reading and writing communication skills and take vocational training on sewing, cooking, jewellery making, house keeping, etc. Pray for women and  girls who have been reintegrated back to the community to find jobs to support themselves and their children; and those who are still at the shelter will learn to love one another and have unity.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2142 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2142 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Monitoring the G8 Promise to Africa UN-NGLS] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2141 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2141 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 New Threat to the After-quake Recovery of Haiti IPS, CEDAR's Haiti Relief Update]
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2140 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2140 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
India Ministry There has been tension among two ethnic groups in recently over political issue in Manipur. Schools were closed frequently. Thus, the Valued Based Course in Manipur which began in April had to stop as well. Due to curfew and road blockage, CANA staff could not visit Manipur for monitoring the progress. Please pray for peace and re-opening of schools. Pray also for partner's plan of starting a self help group with 20 HIV positive women.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2134 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2134 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
DR Congo Ministry Pray for partner CME and their "Women and Girls at Risk" programme to provide tuition to girls, sewing / tailoring training and lessons related to health issues, family relations. Pray as they open a new tailoring workshop in Nyankunde to benefit 50 women.  Pray for the women leaders in charge of this workshop.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2133 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2133 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Child labour in Egypt Although child labour is prohibited by law, in Egypt there are 2.7 million children aged 6-14 who work. Many of them work in small workshops or elsewhere in the informal sector, where occupational health and safety measures are not applied or do not exist. Poverty, lack of awareness, and dropping out of school are the main cause of child labour. Pray for the children's right being respected and they can return to school. [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2131 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2131 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Food crisis in West Africa More than 10 million people face hunger in West Africa due to a worsening drought. Bad harvests over a number of years mean staple foods like grain have shot up in price by as much as 43 per cent. Many pastoralists have been forced to sell their animals at low prices to buy food, rapidly losing their main and only means of making a living. Hunger sweeps across nations of West Africa, among them, the situation of Niger and Chad are especially critical. Pray for the situation of people in West Africa and they can get immediate assistance. [Tearfund]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2130 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2130 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Lesotho Ministry Give thanks that the partner’s Moteng agricultural project is going well. Pray for the adaption of the new colleague, and hope that he can take up this busy task, which include facilitating the community people in road construction, farming and in learning and grasping the techniques of water & soil conservation. Pray that the supply of electricity can be extended to Moteng; meanwhile partner is exploring the use of solar power. The high school where the partner is serving urgently needs 24 units of computer for enabling computer students to sit for mock examination.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2121 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2121 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Gansu Ministry Give thanks that rain is available this month, drought can be relieved. Pray for CEDAR consultant as she visits the rural communities and has meetings with local partner Lanzhou City Church to work out a new proposal. Current progammes include community health education to benefit women and children,  experimental farm trying out new variety of potatoes. Pray that farmers will adopt the use of goat pens and being able to provide better care to their goats for raising quantity instead of causing them to get sick or destroy newly planted trees.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2120 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2120 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Convention on Cluster Munitions The indiscriminate cluster bombs can cover a large area. Many bombs fail to explode and remain a threat to lives and livelihoods many years after a conflict has ended. Countries including Angola, Iraq and Laos are seriously deteriorated by the effects of bombs. The Convention on Cluster Munitions, which "prohibits all use, stockpiling, production and transfer of cluster munitions", was signed by 106 states so far, but there are countries that have not signed the convention yet, and many others that have signed but not ratified. Pray that more states sign and ratify the convention. [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2119 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2119 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Ethnic Clash Erupted in Kyrgyzstan The unrest which broke between Kyrgyz and minority Uzbeks in the southern cities is the worst ethnic violent conflict erupted in Kyrgyzstan in 20 years, causing thousand of people injured, and a hundred death tolls. An estimated 80,000 Uzbeks have crossed into Uzbekistan, while about 15,000 are waiting on the border. Most were women, children and the elderly, many of whom had gunshot wounds. Kyrgyzstan has asked Russia for troops, but it has so far refused. Pray for cease of the violence and the prompt relief to the refugees. [BBC]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2118 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2118 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Environment and Health Programme in N. Thailand http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2109 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2109 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Hubei, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2108 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2108 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Unchaining the Mentally Ill in Indonesia IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2107 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2107 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Injustice and Oppression Behind South Africa World Cup the Guardian] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2106 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2106 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Sri Lanka Ministry Partner CCS is now implementing a programme of improving livelihood in Dankotuwa. Five women are looking to work on a Micro Enterprise. Pray that they can identify what is most suitable to do in their homes as they have small children and can not be left on their own. Besides, the Christian churches are persecuted, burnt and threatened from time to time. Pray for partner as they face pressure when carrying out programme integrated with spiritual elements. Pray for 8 people from the community who believed in Jesus Christ for their growth in faith.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2091 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2091 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Laos Ministry This year partner MSL's silk cocoons project will likely expand to 2 more AKHA minority villages. These two poor villages lie alongside a river and were  badly hit by Typhoon Ketsana in 2009. Pray for the preparation work such as digging of land, setting up of mulberry gardens. Pray for healthy growth of silk worms and mulberry trees in existing project villages and sale of silk cocoons through partner's network.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2090 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2090 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Highlighted Problem of Child Labour in Fisheries Worldwide, 132 million children work in agriculture – this figure includes children working in fisheries and aquaculture. Fishing is possibly one of the most hazardous occupations in the world, easy to bring harms to children physically. But because child labour in fisheries is so widely dispersed in small-scale and family enterprises – or is actively hidden by employers – it is difficult to obtain hard data on the true extent of the problem. This makes it difficult for many policy-makers to have it tackled. Pray for better solutions can be drawn up and established by the policy makers to alleviate the labour's problems. [UN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2089 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2089 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Internal Displacement at Record High 6.8 million people were newly displaced in 2009, far more than in previous years. The main triggers of forced displacement were long-term internal conflicts. In Pakistan, some three million people become refugees as they fled the army's massive offensives and other armed groups. Around five million people returned to their home areas after fighting had died down last year. However, they returned to find their homes and assets destroyed and their home areas still unsafe. Pray for the peace the displaced people suffering in internal conflicts. [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2088 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2088 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Qinghai earthquake relief http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2082 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2082 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Nepal ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2081 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2081 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 India small farmers under the threat of unfair trade here for details. [IPS] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2080 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2080 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Indonesian woman migrant labourers facing serious oppression IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2079 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2079 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Millennium Development Goals in Bangladesh http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2060 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2060 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Cyclone Relief in Bihar, India http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2059 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2059 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Call to Care for the Earth here to watch the "Hope for Creation: A Live Simulcast Event." and pray that more Christians will understand our role in caring for the earth. [Blessed Earth] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2058 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2058 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Set the Minimum Wage in Love and Justice news.gov.hk, the Standard] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2057 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2057 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Drought relief in Yunnan Boshan is one of areas of Yunnan province severely affected by the present drought which has not rained in the last four months. To ensure no food shortage due to the poor harvest, CEDAR’s team will partner with the local church to distribute one-month supply of rice to 73 poor families there. Pray for the team which is heading to Yuanmou for need assessment and investigation. Pray that the rain will come soon to relieve the drought situation and the relief operation can be run immediately to meet the needs of the victims. Please click here for details.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2041 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2041 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Integrated community outreach programme in India CEDAR works in partnership with Discipleship Centre (DC) to carry out a project in Wazirpur JJ slum. Thanks God for the good progress; 34 girls having completed training classes on beauty and 19 girls on tailoring skill trainings. Pray that these girls can get good jobs. Besides, problems on substance abuse and family violence are serious at the slum. In one case, a woman has been abused by her alcoholic husband for more than 10 years. Partner is providing counseling services for these families. Pray that the plight of these families can be healed.


http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2040 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2040 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Urban refugees in Kenya Tens of thousand refugees in Kenyan cities will continue suffering violation to their human rights, unless the government properly implements legislation on refugees passed sometime ago. The rights of refugees have become unclear thus causing their life in plight. Some cannot get employment for lack of work permits. Language barriers, cultural differences and poverty have resulted in discrimination that refugees get to face with. They also suffer from constant harassment by police . Pray for changes in the Kenyan authorities leading to an improved environment for the refugees. [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2039 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2039 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Women suffering in domestic violence increases in Pakistan Violence against women rises sharply in 2009. Over 600 women were killed with over 200 domestic violence cases are being reported. It is believed that number of cases is well under-reported as women do not want to make their plight public. A tough law has passed against domestic violence but its value is unclear for women who are not educated and have no idea such a law exists. Also, women are afraid of putting their husband in jail, as to avoid revenges of husbands’ brothers. Pray for the improved safety and status of women. [IRIN]


http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2038 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2038 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Haiti situation after earthquake The earthquake of Haiti on 12 Jan made women and girls ever more vulnerable. Some lost their homes, husbands and families in the quake and are forced to sleep in flimsy tents with little protection, making them vulnerable to sexual harassment and other abuses. Pray for security and protection; especially for women and young girls. Pray for the emergency shelter needs for thousands of Haitians. The rains have begun in many locations bring a whole new set of challenges, increasing the possibility of diseases. Pray also for Cedar four operational partners. (CBS)

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2019 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2019 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Agriculture project in Myanmar Pray for a three-week agricultural training which started last week at partner's demonstration farm. May it be a fruitful time with trainers including Cedar oversea agricultural consultant giving teaching, field visits and a time of fellowship. Pray for partner busy organizing and making arrangement on transport, lodging, food for close to 40 trainees from cyclone affected delta area and four states. This time a number of farmers and Christian leaders coming from the Irrawaddy delta area which was hard hit by Cyclone Nargis two years ago. They are eager to improve their farming techniques and harvest but this year their paddy field and crops have been eaten up by rats. Pray that the rats can stop multiplying!


http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2017 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2017 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
China hard hit by severe drought China has been severely hit by drought, especially in Southwest region. Over 60 million people in Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan are affected. Tens of million residents and livestock are facing drinking water shortage. Food production is highly affected and it is estimated that the output of rapeseed in Yunnan and Guizhou would be halved. Food supply is tensed and the price further soars. The water storage in some areas is barely enough for the needs before the rain season which comes in Mid May. Besides, the drought has spread to North, South and Northwest China and the affected population is increasing. Pray for His rain which will nurture the land. Pray that the needs of affected communities can be met and the relief work can be well operated. Please click here to visit the page of China drought. (BBC)

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2016 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2016 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Increasing slum dwellers in the past decade According to the "State of the World's Cities 2010/2011" report by UN-HABITAT, due to slum upgrading, some 227 million people have moved out of slum conditions in the past decade. However the overall population of slums has swelled by nearly 60 million in the same period due to the growth of informal settlements in the developing world. The number of people residing in slums has climbed from 777 million in 2000 to almost 830 million in 2010. Regionally sub-Saharan Africa has the largest slum population where 199.5 million of its urban population live in such areas. It is followed by Southern Asia with 190.7 million, Eastern Asia with 189.6 million. Pray for the governments of developing nations to implement effective policies so that slum dwellers can get access to decent housing, transport, education, recreation, communication, employment and the judiciary. (UN news, UN-HABITAT)

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2014 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2014 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Community Health Education Programme in Indonesia http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2004 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2004 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Relief Programme in Bangladesh http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2003 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2003 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 "Forgotten" Congolese refugees IRIN, UN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2002 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2002 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 People in North Korea lack food and necessaries ReliefWeb] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2001 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2001 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Cambodia ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1990 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1990 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Sudan ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1989 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1989 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Half population in Niger facing food insecurity UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1988 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1988 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Rapid urbanization in Laos impact the poor IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1987 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1987 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Relief work in Haiti here. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1975 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1975 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Laos http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1973 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1973 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Children at Risk Worldwide UNICEF] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1971 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1971 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Extreme cold triggers livestock disaster in Mongolia UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1970 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1970 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Lesotho ministry ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1950 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1950 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Children ministry in Myanmar ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1949 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1949 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Tuberculosis exacerbated in Indonesia prison Serious overcrowding, a shortage of medical staff and a lack of funding are thwarting Indonesia's efforts to tackle tuberculosis (TB) in prisons. Indonesia's 422 prisons hold more than 140,000 inmates, even though they were designed for 80,000. Overcrowding makes it easy for diseases to spread and TB spreads much more easily because it doesn't require physical contact. In 2009, 90 prisoners across the country died of TB. Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous nation of 230 million people, has the third-highest tuberculosis burden in the world. An estimated 140,000 Indonesians die from TB each year. Pray for the TB patients and that prisoners can get humanitarian treatment. [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1948 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1948 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Roma families evicted by Romanian authorities Amnesty] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1947 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1947 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Hundred Thousands feared dead as major quake strikes Haiti here.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1931 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1931 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Winter Relief in South Asia here.
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1930 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1930 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
AIDS treatment failure going undetected Many HIV-infected patients in Africa die due to the difficulty of diagnosing and managing antiretroviral treatment (ART) failure in resource-limited settings. Most low-income countries lack the resources and manpower to monitor patients on ART through the use of regular laboratory testing, or by thorough clinical assessment. Patients with treatment failure are going undetected, while others are being switched to more expensive second-line treatment unnecessarily. Pray for more resources so that the needs of HIV-infected can be effectively met. [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1929 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1929 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Environment needs consumer culture revolution  IPS] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1928 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1928 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Woman ministry in Cambodia http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1915 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1915 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Relief and rehabilitation in China and India http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1914 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1914 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Thai troops deport 4,000 Hmong to Laos [UN News, Yahoo News (1), Yahoo News (2)] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1913 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1913 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Israel is urged to end Gaza blockade UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1912 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1912 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 North Korea ministry Give thanks that partner's Goat project launched one year ago is running successfully. Through this project village children have milk to drink which would improve their nutrient intake. Meanwhile partner has passed on farming and animal husbandry skills to target communities. It is their first time for these families to own a goat so they treasure this project very much! Pray as the project look to expand into other areas next year in March. On the other hand, there was unusual heavy rain right after the planting season which had affected the growth of the crops and would likely lead to food crisis. Pray for the people affected.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1876 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1876 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Kenya ministry Due to inadequate funding this year, the orphan education programme cannot support all students to go to school as planned. Many of them have to stay at home the whole year. Partner also has to lay off some staffs within this month to reduce the cost. Pray that partner would be able to raise enough funds for their operation needs and to serve the needy children. Pray also for the smooth registration process.


http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1875 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1875 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Scavengers in Indonesia expose to health hazards from electronic waste IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1874 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1874 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 55 million people affected by extreme weather-related disasters One World] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1873 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1873 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Bangladesh children ministry PTL that the school committees of 10 schools from the Cedar supported Glass-Flower Education Programme are matured enough to run the schools independently themselves. Partner is planning to hand over these schools at the end of this year; pray that local leaders would continue to take care of the poor children in their communities. Partner has been encouraging the Christian teachers to teach weekly Friday school. Over 1000 children attended last year and all of them know more about the Bible teachings and have shown changes in their lives.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1863 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1863 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
India urban community development ministry Thanks God that most of the preschool children that partner serves at a underdeveloped colony in Uttar Pradesh State are prepared to enroll into primary schools by the year of 2010. Also, 12 women graduated from a tailoring course; pray that these women can earn some income after acquiring some sewing skill. Pray that partner can have additional resources to implement more project activities and to build a multi-purposed centre in the colony.


http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1862 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1862 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Nepalese women working abroad were exploited IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1861 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1861 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Vaccination campaign to fight against yellow fever in Africa WHO1, WHO2] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1860 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1860 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Teacher training in Sudan 150 teachers-to-be have been enrolled for training organized by Partner ACROSS in Southern Sudan. But the space of the centre renders the condition a bit congested and partner need for a multi-purposes hall for students’ daily devotion. The programme also faces difficulties of increasing high cost of food and training items and that there is a scramble for water sources among the communities nearby. Pray for God's extra provisions for a multi-purpose hall and enhancing partner’s ability in overcoming the difficulties so as to enable more high quality teachers can be trained.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1837 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1837 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Earthquake relief in Indonesia West Sumatra was hit by a Richter scale 7.6 earthquake on 30 September. Death toll is over 1,000 and more than 1 million families lost their homes. Half of them still have not got temporary shelters! May these victims get the comfort from our Lord. Give thanks that CEDAR and partner World Relief, with funding from the Disaster Relief Fund of HKSAR government, are launching a relief operation. Pray for wisdom and strength to the front-line team members in the distribution of food and household items to needy persons and partner's further coordination on rehabilitation works.


http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1836 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1836 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Children suffering eye-sight problems in Pakistan IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1835 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1835 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Broadband promotes social and economic development UN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1834 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1834 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Special Education Programme inTianjin http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1819 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1819 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 India children ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1818 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1818 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Severe erosion in Nigeria IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1817 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1817 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Reduce child mortality by pneumonia WHO] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1816 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1816 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Reconstruction work in Sichuan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1801 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1801 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Rehabilitation ministry in Afghanistan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1800 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1800 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Kenya suffers tensed supply in drugs for AIDS IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1798 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1798 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Fight at Gaza damaged agricultural land IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1797 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1797 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Disasters in Asian poor countries Calamities attacked Asian poor countries one after another. The Philippines was hit by a strong tropical storm, bringing along the heaviest rainfall in the past 40 years and causing severe flooding and mudslides. A Richter scale 7.6 earthquake struck the West Sumatra of Indonesia, followed with another 6.6 scale quake the next day. In southern India, there have been series of heavy rains causing the most severe flood in 100 years in India. These natural disasters have caused serious destructions and the numbers of death toll are still increasing. Many people lost their homes and they are in urgent need of food and shelters. Pray:

- that the Lord would meet the needs of victims for relief aids and temporary shelters;
- for those who are still being trapped that they would be saved and evacuated immediately;
- that there would not be outbreak of epidemic disease;
- that the water and electricity supply as well as other basic facilities would be restored as soon as possible;
- for the strength and faith of the relief workers and volunteers as they are working stressfully;
- for wisdom for the government officials of the three countries that they would work with relief agencies in good cooperation and provide emergency assistance to victims;
- for CEDAR as we collect offerings from churches and brothers and sisters and send to the affected people.

CEDAR has launched an appeal, please click for more details.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1786 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1786 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1785 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1785 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Little protection for working women in India One World] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1784 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1784 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 The impact of climate change on Fair Trade producers Fairtrade Foundation] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1783 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1783 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Africa http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1750 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1750 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in India http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1749 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1749 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Afghan Women raped lack protection of law IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1748 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1748 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Yemen clashes lead humanitarian crisis UN News1, UN News 2, Alert Net] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1747 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1747 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Afghanistan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1726 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1726 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Sudan Boys Centre Programme http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1725 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1725 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Indonesia's unregistered children at risk IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1724 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1724 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Record number of displaced at 1.5 million in Somalia IRIN, UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1723 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1723 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Rehabilitation Ministry in Nepal Praise God for the smooth implementation of PNL's rehabilitation project in which 288 disabled children/people are provided with physiotherapy and half of them have got improvements in their daily activities. The counseling services for 383 people including disabled children/people and their families not only enhanced their physical and psychological development, but also acceptance by parents of bringing their children for medical treatments. Pray for the health of partner's staff as many of them are suffering from typhoid. Pray for PNL's works in the coming 6 month and their getting sufficient fund for running the project.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1711 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1711 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Gansu Ministry Praise the Lord that Project Management Group training for community leaders has completed and our staff members were able to meet their needs. There have been some re-arrangements in our Gansu team. Pray for the smooth building-up of the team dynamics with unity and strength in our Lord! Also give thanks to God that children from a number of churches have joined the fundraising programme of "Potato Belgrade", supporting Gansu farmers in their growing of potatoes. Potato's harvest is due in coming month and the villagers are busy in plucking flowers of the plants for healthy growth of the potatoes. Pray for a good harvest.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1710 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1710 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Immanent outbreaks of cholera in Zimbabwe The worst Cholera epidemic outbreaks in Zimbabwe's history occurred last year, killing more than 4,000 people among those 100,000 infected. Unfortunately, the conditions that led to last year's outbreaks and same epidemics during rainy seasons in the past few years as well remain unchanged. The main cause lies in the poor water and sanitation infrastructures. The breaks-down in piping system resulted in part of the drinking water mixing with sewage causing large number of diarrhea cases. The urban municipal authorities cannot afford purchasing chemicals for water purification. Hence, the risks of cholera epidemic outbreaks there are immanent. Pray for the people in Zimbabwe. [UN news]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1709 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1709 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Impact on food growing due to water scarcity in Central Asia In Central Asia, most cultivated lands are irrigated; there has been a marked lack of investment on irrigation systems since the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991. The access to underground water has become increasingly difficult and costly, and its sources are polluted with industrial effluent due to lack of sewage management systems. All these threaten the food supply there. The growing population of Asia will lead to greater demands for food production from this region. Experts estimate that the demand for food and animal feed will double over the next 50 years, and for growing that extra food it will require better management in irrigated land. May those governments put into place suitable measures for solving problems on water scarcity! [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1708 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1708 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Ministry in Nigeria http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1684 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1684 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Myanmar http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1683 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1683 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Bonded labors are deprived seriously in Bangladesh [IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1682 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1682 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Inter-ethnic clashes hampered food aid in Sudan IRIN 1, IRIN 2〕 ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1681 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1681 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Humanitarian Relief in Pakistan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1668 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1668 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Famine Relief in Kenya http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1664 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1664 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Child soldiers lack assistance to reintegrate into the Nepalese society IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1663 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1663 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Abortion law endangers women's life in Nicaragua BBC, guardian.co.uk, Amnesty International] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1662 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1662 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Quake relief in Yunnan The Magnitude 6 quake occurred at Yao'an county within Yi's autonomous district at Chuxiong, Yunnan. Already 1 million people from 6 counties are affected. The number of casualty reached over 300 with one death and nearly 18,000 civilian houses collapsed. As of this date, the area has so far recorded about 800 aftershocks and the strongest was at a magnitude of 4.7 lasting for 10 seconds. CEDAR is sending a team to Yunnan to collect data on the latest situation and discuss possible relief plan with the Provincial Christian Council. Pray for God’s mercy and comfort over quake victims and a safe journey of our team. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1632 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1632 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 The Hope Programme in Cambodia http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1631 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1631 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 G8's commitment to boosting food security and reducing emissions UN News(1), UN News(2)] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1630 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1630 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Urban poor and hungry burgeoning unnoticed IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1629 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1629 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Hubei, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1623 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1623 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Myanmar http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1622 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1622 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Erratic rainfall threathens crop yields in Ethiopia IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1621 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1621 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Rains raise fears of malaria setback in Sri Lanka IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1620 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1620 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Cambodia Partner Hagar’s ministry was severely hit by the global financial crisis. Pray for God’s provision and guidance as the organization goes through a re-structuring process.  Also pray for those women who were victims of trafficking, to have courage and confidence to start a new life and able to successfully reintegrate into the community.  Pray further that Hagar being able to get more local business partners to provide sufficient placement for women who are receiving vocational training.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1608 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1608 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Ministry in Burundi http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1607 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1607 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 High suicidal rate causes child suffering in India IPS] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1606 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1606 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Fighting in Somali creates humanitarian disaster IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1605 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1605 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Women Empowerment Program in Nepal Partner Share and Care Nepal through its Advocacy on Women Empowerment Project is raising women’s rights and their status to eradicate socio-economic discriminations against female. This is achieved through empowerment of 18 Women’s Groups and 4 adolescent girls groups under two Village Development Committees (VDC) in Chhampi and Dukuchhap. There are worries that the recent changes in Nepalese government may affect its fund support for the VDCs.  Pray for partner’s works and timely provisions from our Heavenly Father.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1602 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1602 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Church mobilization in Yunnan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1601 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1601 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Severe flooding in Afghanistan UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1596 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1596 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Improved human rights required in Iran OneWorld.net] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1595 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1595 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Emergency relief to conflict-displaced in Sri Lanka and Pakistan Sri Lankan government declared his country is "liberated from separatist terror". The rebels – the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), has been fighting for a homeland for the mainly Hindu Tamil minority after decades of marginalization at the hands of governments dominated by the Buddhist Sinhalese majority. The war killed more than 70,000 people over the past quarter-century. Another 265,000 ethnic Tamils are displaced in the recent conflicts and many of them are in overcrowded camps in the north. Civilians coming out of the conflict zone are sick, hungry and suffering from acute malnourishment and dehydration. [Yahoo News, UNHCR]

Meanwhile the number of displaced people fleeing the conflicts in and around north-west Pakistan's Swat Valley surpasses 1.45 million among them a vast majority are living outside of the IDPs camps. Urgent international assistance is needed. 555,000 of these displaced Pakistanis have been uprooted by reason of fighting since last August. The IDPs are anxious to return to their homes as each of them has suffered a lot; having to abandon their community, families, houses, properties and sometimes witnessing family member's or friend's deaths and coming to IDP camps with nothing. [UN News, UNHCR, IRIN]

CEDAR is launching an emergency appeal in relief for Sri Lanka post-conflict hardship and Pakistan crisis. For more details please click here.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1583 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1583 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1582 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1582 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 WHO seeks swine flu vaccine help for poor nations Yahoo News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1580 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1580 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 U.S. considers bold bill to combat child marriage OneWorld] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1579 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1579 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 IntegratedPrimaryHealthCareProjectinNepal http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1574 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1574 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 CommunityDevelopmentinNorthernThailand http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1573 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1573 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 NumberofIDPsincreasedinSriLanka UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1572 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1572 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 DisastersbringeconomiclossestoAfricancountries IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1571 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1571 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 IndiaOrissaTornadoRelief here. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1554 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1554 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 TribalMinistryinPhilippines http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1553 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1553 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 QuakesinAfghanistan IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1552 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1552 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Somaliaisonthevergeofcholeraoutbreak ReliefWeb, UN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1551 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1551 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 FloodReliefandFoodAidinAfrica here. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1541 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1541 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 MinistryinKazakhstan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1540 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1540 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 2008,adeadlyyearforaidworkers Reuters] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1539 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1539 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 RapeadailymenaceforruralwomeninCôted'Ivoire IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1538 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1538 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 IndiaChildSponsorshipProgram http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1522 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1522 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 YunnanDRRMinistry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1521 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1521 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 HighmaternalmortalityrateinPhilippines IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1520 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1520 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 ImmigrationdetentioninU.S.violatedhumanright Amnesty] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1518 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1518 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Assessmentsurveyonneedsforhealthpromotingschool http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1496 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1496 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 India'sIntegratedCommunityOutreachProgramme http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1495 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1495 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Sudan'sexpulsionofNGOs UN(1), ReliefWeb, UN(2), IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1494 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1494 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 BantoschoolforgirlsinPakistanlifted IRIN(1), IRIN(2)] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1493 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1493 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Sri Lanka Humanitarian Disaster here. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1475 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1475 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 SATHI Project in Bangladesh http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1474 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1474 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Zimbabwe's cholera crisis worsens UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1473 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1473 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Afghan civilian deaths up 40% last year IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1472 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1472 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Work in Gansu http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1425 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1425 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 North Korea Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1424 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1424 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Scarcity in Medical care in Pakistan IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1423 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1423 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Minorities of Myanmar in danger Amnesty] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1422 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1422 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Assistance to women in Cambodia http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1411 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1411 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 CEDAR'S Hubei Team http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1410 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1410 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Cyclone relief in Madagascar IRIN1, IRIN2] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1409 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1409 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Peace longed for in Sri Lanka UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1408 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1408 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Winter Relief in Bihar, India click here. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1402 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1402 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in DR Congo http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1401 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1401 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Rough road ahead for Bangladesh new government OneWorld] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1400 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1400 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 War in Gaza http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1399 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1399 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Advocacy Ministry in Afghanistan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1370 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1370 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Cold Wave hitting Bangladesh click here. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1369 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1369 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Child widow experienced discrimination in Nepal IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1368 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1368 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Improve women and children's health in Somalia UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1367 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1367 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Women Empowerment Project in Burundi http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1347 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1347 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Anti-Corruption Project in Philippines http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1346 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1346 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Zimbabwe's worst-ever cholera outbreak UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1345 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1345 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Afghan children's rights need greater protection UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1344 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1344 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Cambodia Hope Children Health Programme http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1321 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1321 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Zimbabwe Children Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1320 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1320 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Indigenous people being marginalized from Climate Change Conference negotiations IPS] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1319 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1319 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Myanmar HIV patients lack the ARV drugs the Alive Campaign launch by Integral Alliance by signing the petition urging UN for actions making affordable universal access to ARV by 2010. [IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1318 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1318 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Teacher Training in Southern Sudan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1304 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1304 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Gansu, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1303 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1303 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Conflict in DR Congo Tearfund UK] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1302 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1302 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Alive Campaign CEDAR Fund] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1301 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1301 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Sudan Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1295 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1295 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Sri Lanka Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1294 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1294 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Deplorable incident of human right abuse in Somali UNnews] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1293 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1293 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Downpours attacked northern Vietnam IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1292 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1292 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Health Project for Lahu in Thailand http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1282 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1282 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Cross-Border Initiative http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1281 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1281 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Financial Crash Could Deepen Food Crisis FAO(1), FAO(2)] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1280 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1280 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Violence Against Christians in Orissa, India http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1279 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1279 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 India Bihar Flooding http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1277 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1277 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Philippines Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1276 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1276 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Increasing hunger population in Zimbabwe UN News, ReliefWeb] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1275 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1275 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Nepal suffering from increased disasters IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1274 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1274 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Lesotho http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1263 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1263 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Cyclone and Flood Relief and Rehabilitation in Myanmar and India our updates on Myanmar Cyclone Relief and the Emergency Appeal for the Flood in Bihar, India. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1262 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1262 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Development Needs of Women in Africa UN News (1), UN News (2)] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1261 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1261 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Children Kidnapped in DR Congo UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1260 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1260 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Addiction in Gambling seriously affecting Cambodia IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1241 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1241 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Flood in India Bihar here. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1240 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1240 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Afghanistan Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1239 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1239 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Enforced disappearance violate human rights UN News, Amnesty] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1237 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1237 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Myanmar http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1229 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1229 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Education and Health Ministry in Lesotho http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1228 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1228 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Church Plays Vital Role in Post-war DRC Tearfund UK(1), Tearfund UK(2)] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1227 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1227 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Fighting Escalates in South Philippines IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1226 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1226 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Nepal Ministry Give thanks for God's protection of our Exposure trip to Nepal; it was a fruitful time of fellowship with church leaders, partners and trip members. The Nepalese churches have undergone great sufferings but are experiencing fast growth at the moment. Pray for Christian leaders and workers involved in the discipleship and mercy ministries. Pray for our partner Share & Care Nepal as they go through an Organizational Capacity Building exercises. Also, for Partnership for New Life to finalize their five- year strategy plan focusing on better serving people with disability and leprosy. Pray that trip members & Cedar can effectively support, encourage, understand and share the many needs and challenges of this country as Nepal goes through an important transitional time period.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1217 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1217 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Angola Ministry Pray for the instability situation of Angola. Angola will have her national election on 5 Sept. Because of political intolerance, incidents of political violence are escalating in the run up to the election. For safety reason, many people have concentrated themselves in the city centres. These are suffering from the high price of rice and many families are taking only one meal a day. There have already been reports about fighting and injuries. Cedar’s partner IERA will provide rice, beans and oil to 175 displaced families in capital Luanda. Pray for the food distribution and field staff ’s safety.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1216 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1216 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800
Human Rights Abuses Against Kurdish Citizens in Iran Kurdish citizens are facing discrimination and human rights abuses in Iran. Around 12 million Kurds live in Iran making up 15 percent of its population. Kurdish minority continues to suffer deep-rooted discrimination. Parents are banned from registering their babies with certain Kurdish names and religious minorities consisting of Kurds are targets for stigmatization and isolation. Being discriminated from their access to employment and housing, the Kurds have become further marginalized and suffered entrenched poverty as a result of the economic neglect of Kurdish regions. While the repression of Kurdish human rights defenders intensifies, the defenders are facing arbitrary arrest, ill-treatment and prosecution when they protest against the government’s failure in observing international human rights standards. May God manifest its justice in their midst. [Amnesty]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1215 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1215 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Children are in Need of Long-term Assistance Following Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar According to the United Nations agency on children, there are nearly 700,000 children still in need of long-term assistance following Cyclone Nargis. Child labour, school dropouts, malnutrition, and trafficking constitute their most significant threats. Some 2.4 million people were affected in the storm which hit Myanmar three months ago, leaving 140,000 dead and missing. Forty to fifty percent are believed to have been children. With the planting season now over, much farmland remains un-sown. The destruction of Nargis did not spare the tools, animals, or seed needed to sow rice. The salt water washed in by the storm has also rendered acres of land unarable. As a result, hundred of thousands of residents of the Delta are expected to face food shortage crisis in months or even years to come. Children are being the most affected. Pray for the suffering children. Pray also for God’s protection to people in Myanmar. [ReliefWeb]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1214 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1214 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800
Sichuan Earthquake Rehabilitation Project http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1212 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1212 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Children Ministry in Zimbabwe http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1211 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1211 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Doha Trade Talks Broke Down BBC] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1210 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1210 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Over 2.5 Billion People Still Lack Access to Improved Sanitation UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1209 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1209 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Lesotho Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1193 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1193 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Sudan Ministry CEDAR is now appealing for support towards running cost of the Street Kids programme. Please contact us for details. ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1192 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1192 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers were Massively Repatriated UNHCR] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1191 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1191 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Children Killed and School Shut Down in Afghanistan Because of Successive Conflicts IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1190 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1190 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Flood and Cyclone Rehabilitation in Bangladesh http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1184 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1184 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Relief Work in Myanmar and China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1183 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1183 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Darfur Faces Potential Food Crisis UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1182 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1182 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Expanding Food Assistance to DPR Korea UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1181 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1181 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Myanmar Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1178 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1178 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Gansu Team Earthquake relief http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1177 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1177 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Senegalese Women Suffers from Family Violence IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1176 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1176 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Child Marriages seriously infringe girls in Pakistan IRIN, UNICEF] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1175 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1175 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Food Crisis in Haiti BBC, the Boston Globe, UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1157 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1157 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Flash Flood in Sri Lanka ReliefWeb(1), ReliefWeb(2)] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1156 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1156 2008-6-5 24:12 00:00:00 +0800 Relief Aid in Myanmar http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1155 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1155 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Relief Aid in Sichuan and Gansu, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1154 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1154 2008-6-5 24:11 00:00:00 +0800 Myanmar Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1148 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1148 2008-5-21 4:24 00:00:00 +0800 Lesotho Ministry Pray for a stop of violence attacks in South Africa against immigrants, especially people from Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Gangs of armed youths are attacking foreigners and looting and burning their property. Since the end of apartheid, millions of African immigrants have poured into South Africa seeking jobs and sanctuary. But they have become scapegoats for many of the country's social problems--its high rate of unemployment, a shortage of housing and one of the worst levels of crime in the world. Pray for the school construction work of partner Joy to the World in Lesotho and for their safety (inside South Africa); pray for partner June visit in HK and all the preparation work.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1147 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1147 2008-5-21 4:24 00:00:00 +0800
Sichuan Earthquake It has been over ten days since the Sichuan earthquake on 12th May, the official death toll has exceed 55, 000 and 280 thousands people have been injured. CEDAR partners have entered the affected areas to provide medical and relief works. For the latest update please visit our website. A representative of World Health Organisation points out that preventing communicable disease outbreak is the key public health issue now facing the country in the aftermath of the earthquake. Ensuring supply of food and safe drinking water and trying to restore good sanitation are critical because these are the basic transmission routes for communicable diseases. Pray for the relief and rehabilitation of communities of affected area. [WHO]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1144 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1144 2008-5-21 4:25 00:00:00 +0800
Climate Change Brings New Disease Threats in Indonesia The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) latest report stated that rapid climate change would bring severe risks of infectious diseases to developing countries such as Indonesia. The report states that infections caused by pathogens transmitted by insect vectors are strongly affected by climatic conditions such as temperature, rainfall and humidity. These diseases include some of the significant killers, including malaria, dengue fever and other infections carried by insect vectors. Malaria, for example, is a specific disease for tropical countries such as Indonesia that has been affected by climate change because it has shortened the birth cycle of mosquitoes, which increases exponentially the number of mosquitoes. More than two-thirds of the 576 districts in Indonesia have been classified as malaria endemic areas, with more than 100 million people at risk. Warmer weather caused by climate change puts people who live at higher altitudes in greater risk of malaria and dengue fever. [IRIN]

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1143 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1143 2008-5-21 4:25 00:00:00 +0800
Cyclone Disaster in Myanmar In first week of May Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar, causing devastation to the Irrawaddy delta region, Mon State, Karen State, Bago and city of Yangon. At least 23,000 dead and over 42 thousand missing and three million homeless. The cyclone caused massive destruction to main rice cultivation region and devastated the houses and roads. With the rising price of food and fuel, the victims are struggling with lack of food and without shelter. Please pray that relief materials can reach the affected population soon. [Yahoo News, ReliefWeb]

CEDAR are launching the “Emergency Appeal for Cyclone Relief in Myanmar”, please click here for details.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1106 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1106 2008-5-7 4:25 00:00:00 +0800
Post-election Violence in Zimbabwe IRIN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1105 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1105 2008-5-7 4:24 00:00:00 +0800 Boat Building Project in Indonesia http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1104 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1104 2008-5-7 4:24 00:00:00 +0800 Agricultural Training, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1103 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1103 2008-5-7 4:22 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in India http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1099 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1099 2008-3-26 11:20 00:00:00 +0800 Children at Risk Due to Contaminated Drinking Water Supply in India IPS] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1098 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1098 2008-3-26 11:20 00:00:00 +0800 Worst Infant Mortality Records in Sub-Saharan Africa Reuters, WHO] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1097 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1097 2008-3-26 11:20 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Ethiopia http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1094 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1094 2008-3-26 11:20 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in India http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1075 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1075 2008-3-26 11:20 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Thailand http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1074 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1074 2008-3-26 11:20 00:00:00 +0800 Eliminate Laws that Discriminate against Women UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1073 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1073 2008-3-26 11:20 00:00:00 +0800 Medical Workers Struggle to Reach the War Wounded ICRC] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1072 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1072 2008-3-26 11:20 00:00:00 +0800 Micah Challenge Philippines http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1068 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1068 2008-3-26 11:21 00:00:00 +0800 Community Health Education (CHE) in Indonesia http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1067 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1067 2008-3-26 11:20 00:00:00 +0800 Earthquake in Yunnan, China CHINA.ORG.CN] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1066 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1066 2008-3-26 11:20 00:00:00 +0800 World Health Day on 7 April WHO] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1065 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1065 2008-3-26 11:18 00:00:00 +0800 Snow Relief in Hubei, China

The Lord is good to all, and His compassion is over all that he has made. (Psalms 145:9)

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1039 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1039 2008-3-14 4:21 00:00:00 +0800
Project HOPE of Cambodia http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1038 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1038 2008-3-14 4:20 00:00:00 +0800 New Hope to Kenya Tearfund UK] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1037 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1037 2008-3-14 4:18 00:00:00 +0800 Environment of Chinese Rural Villages Xinhua Net] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1036 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1036 2008-3-14 4:17 00:00:00 +0800 EDITORIAL To many Hong Kong Christians, poverty if it appears is only a distant problem. In reality, it is very close to home.

Today, very few of us lack adequate food and clothing. Nevertheless, the working poor, the continuous poverty cycle, cage homes, and tiny partitioned cubicles are our metropolitan's publicised 'secret'. Where would you stand on a solution widely?

For this issue, we interviewed Hazel, with over 20 years of experience in poverty alleviation under her belt. She shares with us her conversations and struggles with God during her years of service, often questioning how Christians can relate their faith to poverty and injustice. Fellow worker Lun takes on an adventurous youthful perspective as he evaluates the difficulties of local farming with large property developers, problems of housing and cramped living space. Volunteer Willis takes part in a visiting programme, paying monthly calls to street-dwellers who have already been listed to move into public housing. Although the interactions between Willis and the street-dwellers do not bring about too much 'surprise', these interactions still manage to trigger deep reflection, encouraging him to think about the role of Christians. Hopefully their thoughts in this issue will motivate us to broaden our perspectives, leading us to learn more about what God has in mind for the weak and the poor in the community.

Doing something about poverty is not only a choice, it is also an attitude to life.

'SHARE' has always been CEDAR's flagship publication, and its major channel with supporters. We have re-vamped the newsletter, we endeavor to have closer communication with you, dear reader. Together let us open our eyes to the world, explore issues of poverty and justice, and establish ways to practise what we learn in life. Please feel free to give us some feedback on this new look. Thank you!

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2764 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2764 2006-11-10 3:36 00:00:00 +0800
FOCUS: INTERVIEW What has poverty to do with me? An interview with Hazel Wong, Consultant to CEDAR
Interviewer: Sandy Lam

The World Bank's latest data shows that 1.29 billion people in the world live below the poverty line 1;Human behaviours lead to frequent natural disasters;Human dignity is constantly being trampled on...

We cannot help but ask, 'Where are You, Lord?' And what can we do?

God gave this vision to Hazel, a veteran in poverty relief and development, 'It was as if I was a little girl when I saw an adult carrying some water; I offered to help and he accepted. Thrilled at being able to be of use, I then realised that it was the man himself had been carrying the weight all along.' And God was this man.

This mental breakthrough came during a highly significant trip. Hazel was visiting the rubbish dump in Manila called Smokey Mountain and its squatter community (later moved to the outskirts of Manila). The place was filled with smoke and stench from decomposing garbage. Yet men and women, young and old, scrambled up the landfill barefooted, trying to pick through the rubbish. During the trip Hazel poignantly heard the sad news that someone from a community organisation bargaining for a higher refuse collection fee for the scavengers was killed.

Hazel remembers clearly that after returning to the commercial district of Makati, whilst attending a church meeting in a comfortable hall, she recalled the moments at Smokey Mountain and she wept out of great sadness. 'I felt that God was very unfair. Why were the people in Makati not oppressed and exploited, instead they could come to church in comfort, whereas the Smokey Mountain people struggled to survive, oppressed and barely had any dignity?'

Stop and hear

The Lord calmed Hazel down and then said to her, 'Indeed you are sad and pained now, but these feelings will subside with time, but My pain, which is greater than yours, will never diminish. Where was I? I was the Word become flesh and was among the pains of the people, and I have resurrected, I have overcome all.' This spiritual experience further confirmed the goal and direction of Hazel’s ministry, and she now no longer asks why we have human suffering, 'All along God has been living among those who are suffering, and bringing changes to poverty and injustice, He is also inviting us to co-work with Him and strive alongside the poor, especially with those who are oppressed and exploited.'

Hazel encourages villagers to show their resources through drawings

How should we walk with the poor?

Hazel admits that application is not easy and yet she strongly believes, 'It has to do with interpersonal contact, communication and relationship building. We cannot merely treat the poor and exploited as victims.' Therefore, to truly walk with them, we must lay aside all preconceptions and presumptions about the poor and humbly listen to them and get to know them. 'The poor can participate in discussions and use different ways to express their experiences, thoughts, feelings, expectations and actions, including their suppressed potentials and their efforts at surviving adversity. Only when such spaces are created can there be real participation and empowerment.'

Through this activity Africans appreciate themselves and others consolidating unity

Stop and think

Ultimately, caring for the poor is not launching a project, but an attitude to life, lived out consistently. What then are we actually trying to construct or preserve? Do our actions actually alleviate or aggravate the pain of the poor and oppressed? Hazel challenges as to biblically consider those questions:

Saving or sharing our wealth? Why do we constantly save our wealth? Are we storing up what others have lost or been robbed of? Why are people who lack materially more willing to share?

Better and more successful than the poor? Do we often feel morally, intellectually and culturally superior to the poor? Do we only focus on reforming them that we fail to respect and listen to them?

Does poverty have anything to do with me? Have we considered that we ourselves are also a cause of poverty? Have we ever intentionally or unknowingly fostered any unrighteous dealing or system? When we choose not to respond to a problem, can poverty ever be alleviated?

Is money the answer to everything? Poverty is not a problem just about money, it also involves the dignity, security, fair participation and autonomy of the person. Can merely increasing income overcome poverty by a 'top-down' distribution?

Only a medium for evangelism? What is the relationship between gospel work and community care? The gospel message includes justice and mercy but what do justice and mercy mean for the exploited poor, communities and the system?

Hazel often checks herself for a sense of superiority towards villagers

Combine living with action

Apart from self-examination, it is also very important for more Christians to care for their neighbours. Hazel believes that this caring need not be about doing extraordinary things. We can start with paying attention to and caring about the people and things around us. Through sharing and talking about our faith and poverty Hazel encourages brothers and sisters to actively participate. 'Search the Scriptures to understand what "integral gospel" means, and dispel one by one the myths about poverty and the poor. Further, pray that God will open our eyes to examine other people's daily situations which we might have once dismissed, and then step out of our comfort zone, bravely choosing to do what is good. Believers can also talk about matters relating to poverty, explore its causes, and amass power to do what needs to be done.'

When asked if there have been times of frustration during her many years of ministry, Hazel replied firmly, 'Frustration is often there, but I remind myself that God has a strong hold on me, He never changes and He is always with those who suffer. I also remind myself not to be self-righteous but to do the best I can trusting God will Himself bring about deliverance and transformation to individuals, groups and the system.'

When Hazel saw the picture of the child and adult carrying water together she responded to God's calling without hesitation. Twenty years have flown by and she has persisted along this path. In her daily life she is constantly learning to overcome her own pride and limitations, doing her best to put her belief into practice. God invites not only Hazel, but you also, to co-work with Him who is victorious, to build a world of righteousness and loving kindness. Poverty definitely concerns you!

Hazel Wong has been involved in poverty relief and development for over twenty years. Experienced in frontline implementation of development projects, training and research, she has particular interest in gender issue and is devoted in integrating faith with justice and social development after obtaining her Master in Christian Studies at China Graduate School of Theology, (CGST). Hazel has been a consultant to CEDAR since 2010.

Extended action

If you have practical ways to care for the poor, log in to CEDAR's site to share your views.

1. http://econ.worldbank.org/povcalnet

FOCUS explores different topics, integrates theory with practice, and broadens our horizon and thinking.

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Integrated Community Development Project in Orissa State, India

Many poor Indians live in rural villages in the forests of Orissa State. These villagers are mainly low castes or tribals with their different religious beliefs. Conflicts among such groups are always happening and that worsen their desperate plight. In 2008, Hindu-Christian violent clashes resulted in many casualties and much economic loss. Tribal hatred has simmered on.

Communities are further marginalised by illiteracy which hinders them from learning new farming or other skills. Moreover, their villages are too remote and the transportation is poor. Its development is much limited. The poverty circle continues. 

CEDAR partner Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR) launched community development projects in twenty villages in Orissa. It organises women literacy class and improves farmers’ livelihood by building their capacities. Leadership training helps to facilitate sustainable community development and network among the castes and lead to an inclusive community.

  • HK$100 trains up one teacher for adult literacy classes
  • HK$300 supports ten farmers in agricultural training
  • HK$850 improves the quality of one hectare of farmland soil.

You can donate to support this integrated community project, helping rural communities in Orissa State to build up a sustainable development project.

STEP INTO THE WORLD introduces a development project each issue to help you understand the project’s content and approach, and to learn more about the situation and needs of impoverished communities.

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Some feelings expressed

Each visit would make me feel confused and embarrassed about my identity as a Christian.

Every time we meet, Old Man A would ignore all my questions and repeat his same old story; Old Man B is a man of few words and we try constantly to start a new topic of conversation; Old Man C keeps on asking about 'Scheme $6000'.

Nothing new ever comes out of the visits and our presence seem to cause annoyance. But when we say goodbye, their response is always, 'Thank you for visiting today.'

These aged ex street-sleepers may have a past that is too painful to recall, or they may have become awkward with conversations because they rarely talk to strangers, yet deep down they yearn for some attention – they cherish even the most trivial chats for they feel loving care from others. 

For me, used to living an ever-changing material life, it has not been easy to adjust quickly to or speak kindly to elderly people living in hardship. I may express willingness with my mouth but feel challenged in my heart. Time passes and the once-poor generation of believers has now become more prosperous and the church is becoming middle-class. Thus when a group of well-off Christians like us get together, invisible walls come up which separate us from the world beyond. When the church is happy to stay within the walls, who will look after the lonely and the helpless in the society?

In contrast, Jesus walked with the marginalised and lived among them. Thus the Word became flesh and lived among us. Yet, when we worship and sing 'Holy! Holy!' do we understand why Jesus was born, or know what He did while He was in the world?

I fervently hope one day when a street-sleeper comes into our gathering, we will not be offended by him and reject him for what he wears or how he behaves, because whatever we do for one of the least of these brothers, we do for the Lord.

(Since mid-2010, CEDAR joined the Salvation Army in a 'street-sleepers visit project', taking note of the street-sleepers' needs through regular visits. 28 participants regularly visit 15 street-sleepers or former street-sleepers. Willis is one of the participants.)

TAKING ACTION introduces CEDAR's education and advocacy activities in Hong Kong; through participants’ sharing encourages believers to take action and practise their faith.

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Bugs, canopies, developers   
Wu Ying Lun (Lun), Education and Promotion Officer

'Developer hegemony' has lately become a popular term which resonates with the Hong Kong people. Having joined CEDAR for over two years, I get to meet different people and strongly feel how land distribution and planning are dictating the destiny and quality of life of people from all walks of life.

Recently I took a class in organic farming in Ma Shi Po Village, Fanling. There were so many mosquitoes in the summer that any unprepared visitors walking in the fields would surely be badly bitten. A farmer explained, 'The plots of land are wasted due to property development, and with nobody to manage the plots, bugs and mosquitoes breed here. A decade ago, you can sleep in the fields and you won't get bitten.' So, insect infestation is closely linked with property development and land usage.

The farmer also told us that the 1960s and '70s were Hong Kong's golden age of agriculture, and the huge vegetable production could satisfy almost 60% of local demand. Farmers needed to work very hard but they earned well and ate healthily, so their lives were not so bad. Sadly, in recent years developers are squeezing out the farming industry, by coercion they acquire and hoard farmlands, continually threatening the villages' existence and farmers' lifestyle.

Back in town, people's space for existence is even more severely threatened. The No. 4 alarm fire at Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok, in December 2011 killed nine, the majority of whom lived in partitioned rooms. After the accident a woman spoke out at a local housing policy symposium: She and her daughter live in a partitioned room in an old building in Wan Chai, and apart from having to pay the ever rising rent, conflicts among neighbours are frequent because of the crammed space and so she worries about her family's safety.

I found it most shocking when the woman spoke of her criteria in choosing her room: she would pick a unit on the third floor, and from there would look out of the window to see if a canopy is below it so that should a fire break out, she and her daughter could escape by jumping out of the building and be saved by the canopy. It is unbelievable that while Hong Kong ranks high in economic development, its quality of accommodation is so appalling that residents are constantly worried about their lives!

If Hong Kong continues to be dominated by property development whilst other sectors are being squeezed out, it would be a depressing development indeed! The Treasury is not utilising its huge budget surplus well but thoughtlessly gave every resident HK$6,000. The government's recent extravagance, which opted for 'social harmony' rather than meet the long-term needs of the poor, is disappointing! I have two sincere wishes regarding Hong Kong's future: first that there be diverse industries and second, the government would give priority to the needs of the poor when distributing resources!

CEDAR'S BLOGGER allows members of CEDAR staff to talk about their work, life and reflections.

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Exposure Trip to Ethiopia

Through visiting different partners in Ethiopia, the group will learn the development of children ministry organized by local church and the relief operation to the drought, and explore how the farmers are benefited by the Fair trade initiatives.  

Date: 17-28 January 2013 (12 Days)
Target> Christians aged 18 or above, able to communicate in English, with a burden in helping the poor
Fee> approx. HKD 17,000
Deadline> 17 October 2012
Enquiry/ Details> cedartrip.org or Contact Ms. Lam and Mr. Tang at (852) 2381 9627


CEDAR would like to appeal to churches and Christians for regular donations so that CEDAR can continue to support our ongoing projects.

Please send us the payment information for donation receipt issuing purpose. Donations of HK$100 or above are tax-deductible in HK with our receipts.

Operating Statement

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Download SHARE July - August 2012
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3:3 00:00:00 +0800 Poor Somalis Risk Death to Flee Chaos Yahoo News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=617 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=617 2006-11-10 3:3 00:00:00 +0800 Increasing Fighting in Sri Lanka UN News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=616 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=616 2006-11-10 3:3 00:00:00 +0800 Mozambique Floods UN News, Tearfund UK] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=615 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=615 2006-11-10 3:3 00:00:00 +0800 Fake Drugs are Swamping Developing Nations BBC News] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=614 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=614 2006-11-10 3:3 00:00:00 +0800 World Bank to Support Shandong's Environmental Clean-up World Bank] ]]> http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=431 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=431 2006-11-10 3:3 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Bangladesh http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1009 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1009 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Shanxi, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1008 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=1008 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Sudan OM Street Kids Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=998 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=998 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Snow Disaster Relief in Hubei, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=997 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=997 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Sri Lanka http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=993 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=993 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Myanmar http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=992 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=992 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Bangladesh http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=983 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=983 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Ethiopia http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=982 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=982 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Afghanistan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=978 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=978 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Gansu, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=977 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=977 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Child Ministry in India http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=973 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=973 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Myanmer http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=972 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=972 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Tsunami Rehabilitation in Indonesia http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=968 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=968 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Sudan Street Children Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=967 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=967 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Sri Lanka Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=963 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=963 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Yunnan, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=962 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=962 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Lesotho Children Ministry http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=958 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=958 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Sichuan, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=957 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=957 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Child Ministry in India http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=953 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=953 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Hong Kong http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=952 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=952 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Burundi http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=948 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=948 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Relief Projects in Bangladesh and India http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=947 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=947 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Eritrea http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=943 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=943 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Shanxi, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=942 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=942 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ethiopia Child Sponsorship http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=938 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=938 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Philippines TMFI Education Project http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=937 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=937 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Gansu, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=849 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=849 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Food Crisis Rehabilitation Programme in Kenya http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=848 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=848 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Child Ministry in Myanmar http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=841 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=841 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Flood Situation in India and Bangladesh Worsen http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=840 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=840 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Natural Disaster in Hubei, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=839 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=839 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Afghanistan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=838 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=838 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Severe Floods Around, Desperate Relief Needed http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=771 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=771 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Southern Sudan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=770 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=770 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Water Project in Gansu http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=766 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=766 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Micro-credit in Kazakhstan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=765 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=765 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Sierra Leone http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=753 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=753 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry of Yunnan, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=752 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=752 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Cambodia http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=722 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=722 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Tianjin, China http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=721 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=721 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 School Aid Programme in Myanmar http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=717 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=717 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Community Health Ministry in India http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=715 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=715 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Shanxi http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=637 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=637 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Angola http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=636 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=636 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Health Project in Afghanistan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=635 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=635 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 ACROSS, Southern Sudan http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=634 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=634 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Cambodia http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=633 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=633 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in DR Congo http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=632 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=632 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Fasting Marathon: Pray for Suffering Children http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=631 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=631 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Kale Hiwot Church, Eritrea http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=630 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=630 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Myanmar http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=629 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=629 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Philippines Christians' Haven http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=628 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=628 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Ministry in Gansu http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=627 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=627 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Women Empowerment Programme in Nepal http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=84 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=84 2006-6-7 6:1 00:00:00 +0800 Updates on Integral Alliance Relief Work In May 2012, Integral has launched to respond to the worsening refugee and internally displaced people (IDP) crisis in South Sudan. Please click here for details.

http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2720 http://cedarfund.hk/autouser/go2News.jsp?Nid=2720 2005-5-17 4:1 00:00:00 +0800