CEDAR Fund&149;Barefoot Walk 2018 "Trust Our Children"


  • Online Registration/Update Information
    Choose your category of participation and sign up online to obtain a registration number.

  • Online Donation/Fundraising
    Key in your registration number and make the minimum donation online or invite friends and family to sponsor your participation.

  • Online Invitation
    Key in your registration number and send online invitations to your friends and relatives to sponsor you or walk with you.

  • Children aged 12 or below must be accompanied by parents, teachers or guardians; Children aged 16 or below must obtain parental consent with signature.
  • For better arrangement of the event day and stimulation activities, churches, fellowships, and other organisations are highly recommended to form their own teams.
  • All donation receipts will be issued to the participant for he/she to pass to their sponsors.
  • Each participant will be issued a certificate after the event.
  • First aid service is arranged on the day of the event.
  • Please bring your own water, towel, change of clothes, and a plastic bag (for carrying your shoes). The Organiser will not provide storage spaces.
  • If an amber, red, or black rainstorm signal, or typhoon signal no. 3 or above is hoisted until noon on the event day, the event will be canceled. The Organiser will notify participants should there be any further arrangement.